Month: October 2019

Determine Suit Sizes

  • To Measure Chest
    You can just start off the process by measuring your arms, chest and shoulder blades. When you are conducting the measurement, you should always keep the tape parallel towards the floor. If you do it, the thickest part of the area of your chest can be determined. The second process which you can undertake is to go for an over arm measurement. In order to check the over arm measurement properly, you need to place the tape on the outside part of the arm. Once you have placed the tape on the arm, you can reduce seven inches from it. The corresponding measurement of the chest can then be received by you. After you have received this measurement, you need to compare it with the measurement of the chest.
  • To Measure Waist:
    The suit always comes in a pack and you also need to measure the waist. When you are determining suit sizes, there should be a difference of two to eight inches between the chest and waist. There are a variety of sizes which you can pick up. These range from standard, athletic and portly. When you are going for a standard cut suit, the actual difference between the chest and trouser measurement should be six inches. For example, if you are wearing a suit jacket which is 42 in size, you need to wear a trouser with 36 waists. When you are picking up the Athletic Suit, you should always understand that a difference of eight inches should be there. For example, if you are wearing a suit jacket which is 42 in size, you need to wear a trouser with 34 waists. The Portly Cut is another suit which you can pick up from the market. These suits portray a difference of 4 inches between the trouser and chest size. For example, if you are wearing a suit jacket which is 42 in size, you need to wear a trouser with 38 waists.
  • Measure Seat or Hips (Optional):
    For Men, measure around the fullest part of his seat. For Women, measure around the fullest part of her hips.
  • Measure Inseam:
    You should measure along the inner seam from the crotch to the bottom of pant leg.
  • To Measure Sleeve:
    Start measurement in the middle of your back, just under your neck, over your shoulder, around your bent elbow, to your wrist bone,
  • Measure Height
    Stand against a wall (shoeless). Place a flat ruler across top of head to wall, measure from that point down to the floor. All cuts come is short, regular, long and in some cases extra-long. Generally, a man’s height will determine the specialty: 5’4″ and shorter = extra short; 5’5″ to 5′ 7″ = short; 5′ 8″ to 5′ 11″ = regular; 6′ to 6′ 2″ = long; 6′ 3″ and taller = extra long,

Spring Shoe Styles

One of this season’s statement shoe styles is the platform/wedge shoe. After a couple of years out of the spotlight, these styles are taking center stage. Many of the hottest spring shoes combine both wedge heels and platform soles. Wedges are fun and when warm weather hits, they become irresistible. You can match up wedges with a summer dress or even jeans and a tank. These shoes are also much more comfortable than a typical heel or stiletto! Comfortable and stylish, who could ask for more? Even women who don’t normally wear heels can opt for a bit more height with a wedge or platform heel.

Boots seem to disappear in the summer, but in 2009, they might actually be a great summer trend! Designers such as Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden are turning the hottest booties into sassy sandals by cutting away parts of them. Whether they’re open-toes, cut-away sides, or cut-out heels, these booties will take you from winter to spring in no time. Dress these booties up with skirts, sailor shorts or skinny jeans to bring out the perfect spring look. You can find these booties in many different styles from a little fringe to gold accents and rhinestones. The fall’s fringe trend is lingering over into spring. Not only on booties, but fringe accent is being seen on your latest spring sandals, flats and heels.

Another hot trend this season has come from last spring’s Greco-Roman gladiator sandals. Heavily strapped heels or flats are still readily available and the boldest of this season’s color will make them extra dynamic. Gladiator heels with platform soles are also in! Mixing the two spring trends equals a great trendy sandal. These styles, both flats and heels, can be paired with a flowing maxi dress, a cute jumper/romper or a simple outfit like spring shorts and an oversized tee. Don’t forget however, it’s all about the straps! Gladiator sandals are still big and bold with buckles galore and are considered the ultimate statement sandal of this season.

With may styles to chose from, you can never step out without style! There are so many trends to easily embrace this season, whether it’s fringed strappy sandals or some towering platform or wedge heels. Invest in pair or two as they become a recent wardrobe necessity which will take you through many seasons.

Mens Winter Shoes

Today’s active men require winter shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear all day. They must be simple to put on and able to bear up under a number of conditions including cold and wet weather.

Traction is important since winter weather conditions can include snow and ice as well as slush. Waterproof or water-resistant shoes are essential since once your feet get wet, that can make you very uncomfortable!

I found that mens winter shoes today are widely available in a number of styles, from simple slip-ons to lace-ups. They are low-profile, although I did find one pair of Sorel “Bota Bag” winter shoes that reached ankle-high. The Bota Bag shoes did have very good reviews, including several men who said that these shoes were very easy to put on despite being an ankle boot.

Features of mens winter shoes include good sole traction and insulation, typically Thinsulate. Many are fleece-lined. A number of the shoes I found stated they were rated to -5 degrees, and sometimes even colder.

Several shoes advertised the ability to remove the shoe footbed, in case it gets wet from perspiration. (This allows the footbed to dry well, preventing odor.) Many shoe styles are also waterproof, with some advising water-resistant, which is a good idea for wet winter conditions.

When shopping for my husband, I found several shoes with excellent reviews. Many men stated they liked the Sorel Bota Bag winter shoe, mentioned earlier, as well as the Sorel Fairbanks, Baffin Crossroad (lace-up shoe), and Columbia Bugatrail (also lace-up shoe).

Bear in mind that these shoes are not workout shoes. They are designed to wear in cold weather and wet conditions, providing water-resistancy against snow and ice. Winter workout or training shoes are something completely different.

Prices for these mens winter shoes range from $60 to about $85. Do a little shopping online to find the best prices. It’s also a good idea to find a local store and try them on personally, since some shoes tend to run a little larger than you may be used to.

For example, Sorel shoes seem to run larger than my usual size. If you order online and you usually wear a size 9, you may want to try going one-half size or full size smaller and get the 8 or 8 ½. Reviews for Columbia stated that the shoe sizes were pretty true, so if you wear a size 9, you can safely order a size 9.

We choose the Sorel Fairbanks mens winter shoes, and my husband couldn’t be happier. We found it online for $59, and we did order one size smaller than my husband usually wears, which was a good thing.

He loves the shoes since he can put them on without even paying attention, they slip-on that easily. My husband does say that he thinks the shoes may actually be a bit warm for early fall, but come winter they are perfect. He can go outside and do farm chores and his feet stay warm, even when dealing with snow and slush.

Mink Coats for Women

Winter Wear

If you’re looking for a stylish winter coat this season, there’s no better way to stay warm than in a mink coat. Mink coats for women serve the practical purpose of keeping out the cold without sacrificing style. The thick fur coat acts as a barrier to keep out the cold air. Warm, durable, and stylish: this fur makes the perfect winter coat.

Formal Wear

Mink coats for women never go out of style. Trends come and go, but their classic look will always convey elegance, sophistication, and femininity. Mink coats for women are the perfect compliment to a formal, day or evening event. Arriving in a luxurious full length mink coat over a long flowing gown or chic dress exemplifies sophisticated fashion. You may also want to consider a fur shawl or wrap to cover your shoulders for your next event or night on the town.

Casual Wear

Mink coats for women don’t have to be worn with fancy evening gowns – they can be fun, too! Wear a high-fashion casual mink city coat or a car coat with a modern silhouette, paired with jeans and boots to make a bold fashion statement the next time you’re shopping out on the town or on a date. Mink pairs just as well with jeans and casual attire as its does with elegant evening wear, so don’t be afraid to be bold!


Mink coats for women come in numerous different styles. The most traditional style is the full length coat. A full length coat is typically around 52 inches long, stopping just around the ankle. But there are also 7/8 coats (city coats) and 3/4 coats (strollers and car coats), as well as hip length, waist length and crop styles.

Any one of these lengths can have one of many different body styles, a few of which include: straight and narrow, slight waist suppression, body-hugging fit, sweepy and flowing. Closures can also accentuate a fur garment’s style. They can vary from traditional hidden hooks and eyes, to zippers, to large fashion buttons, etc., and can be done in a single or double-breasted facing.

Also, the extremities of mink coats for women can vary greatly affecting the style type of the garment. Collars can be large and full to almost non-existent and everywhere in between. Shawl and wing collars can usually be manipulated different ways for different looks. Cuffs can be traditional such as turn-back, bracelet, or straight, but can also be split, layered, or adorned with embellishments.

With almost an infinite number of combinations of colors, material processes, patterns, body types, embellishments, collars and cuffs mink coats for women can be paired with jeans, elegant evening wear, or stylish clothes for any occasion.


Mink coats for women can be the most affordable fur coats on the market when you consider the economy of how durable they are and how long they typically last. While some fur coats can cost up to $50,000 (or more!), commercial mink fur is far more moderately priced, ranging from $2,000-$15,000. This is a fair price considering the durability, elegance, and versatility of mink coats for women.

Urban Skate Shoes

Globe shoes take variety to a higher level than most brands, making it possible for urban folks to wear skate shoes without the usual style limitations. While Globe does offer the usual skate style, they also produce leather shoes, slip-on shoes and high-tops. They are all made with the flat rubber grip soles that are necessary for traction while riding a skate board, but the attitude of these shoes is hardly ordinary. The leather is sleek and smooth, and the colours are not outlandishly flashy. With a selection of black, greys and browns, the fabrics used by Globe are subtle and classy – serious shoes for wear by serious skaters.

DC Shoes tends to take a different approach to their skate wear production. DC skate shoes are all about the bold mixtures of colours and patterns and the vibrant contrasts that can be created by combining stark white with varying shades of blue, or green with orange and red, for example. DC shoes usually have a large and easily recognizable DC insignia on the sides and outer soles, making it unmistakable which brand produces them. Anyone wearing DC skate wear is tagged with DC logos – usually several. Skaters wearing DC don’t mind, however, because the shoes are good quality – used by many professional skate boarders – and offer enough style variations that skaters would still feel unique in a crowd full of other DC wearers.

While Converse are not labelled or marketed as “skate” shoes, they have the stability to be worn as such. They also feature thick laces to discourage breakage and rubber grip outer soles to allow for traction on a skate board’s grip tape. Unlike typical skate style shoes, Converse sizing tends to run longer and narrower. The sides and tongue are not thickly padded. On the contrary, most Converse are made from canvas material, although recently the company has released leather Converse. Converse are made in every colour of the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, as well as varying shades of these colours, grey and print patterns.

Discount Converse All Stars

The recent increases in numbers of colors have led to the market for Chuck Taylor’s growing, due to various owner or factory-based customizations of the shoe through color, use of stylized shoelaces, and through drawing or writing on the rubberized parts. Consumers love the idea of making Converse All Stars personal and special; a reflection of who they are. The customization of Chuck Taylor’s is highly popular with the rock scene, especially with teenagers. Many draw or write on the shoes, use mismatched laces or wear odd shoes (often two differently colored Chuck Taylor’s.) The look of a worn pair of Chucks is classic. Most teenagers like it when their Converse shoes have been worn, dirty, and written on. These practices are fairly common among wearers over the past three decades. The trend of wearing the low-rise shoes and writing on the rubber section is well known and often used.

There are a few points that come up every time when you read customer reviews on converse shoes.

  • They are light weight
  • They can be personalized
  • They fit any personality type

There are many online stores that offer great deals on these shoes. But going from store to store on the internet can be very time consuming. Some of these stores offer special promotions for certain times of the year, and some stores simply have a great baseline price all year.

There are a lot of stores that offer free shipping, and if you need to return them that shipping is also free! This enables you to shop with confidence! But you still need to find a store that will give you the best price. Try speaking with people that have collected coupons, or advertisements and see what they have found!

Discount Loake Shoes


When purchasing Loake shoes online, price is obviously going to be a key factor in your purchase decision. However, do be sure in your price comparisons that you end up comparing apples with apples… not with oranges! Some online websites display a headline advertised discount price, but this can be misleading. So beware! After you have Added-to-Basket or clicked the Checkout Button all excited and ready-to-pay, you may well find additional charges suddenly appear on the screen – for vat or delivery for example.

In essence then, the headline advertised price may not be the real price you have to pay. So do bear this in mind when you “price-only” comparison shop online.

Of course, not all websites are like this. With a bit of research (phone the online store and ask), you can buy shoes online from reputable and price transparent web sites. Indeed, you will be able to find great prices with no hidden charges sprung at the last minute – because the displayed discount prices already include vat and free UK delivery.

Factory Outlets

However, if you are not comfortable buying discount Loake shoes online, don’t despair – you may be able to find a retail factory outlet near you that sells them shoes at a substantial discount to the high street.

In this case, try to find a factory outlet that has been selling the shoes for many years. Why? Because it means that not only are they more likely to have knowledgeable and experienced staff – ut because of their long-lasting relationship with the Loake shoe company itself, they can get any size and colour of the shoe for you normally within 24 hours. And that includes hard to find sizes and widths! And still at a discount!

We all know the saying… Clothes Maketh the Man, but many a discerning observer would say… Ahh, but its the Shoes that Completes Him. With Loakes shoes you can guarantee the completion will be perfect!

Cuckoos Nest

Their clothing range is certainly daring but no more irregular than some of the worlds most famous designers, which makes this brands garments sought after throughout the country. T shirts and sweatshirts are as far as the range stretches at the moment but is perfect for the fashion conscious that is looking for that unique and individual style.

You can expect artistic, graphically designed stylish garments at the very least, but are sure to be surprised by their unique take on famous celebrities.

More famous t shirts in their collection are those that contain Kanye West and Charlie Sheen, their faces can be seen enlarged, edited and funky photo effects added.

You can also expect to see t shirts and sweatshirts covered in extravagant graphic design. No matter what, you will not find a plain t shirt in their collection so if simplicity is your personal preference, then this collection is certainly not for you.

As I mentioned above, they are new to the industry and may not be a well known brand but I can certainly guarantee you will be seeing a lot more of this spectacular brand in the near future. Although they are new to the market men’s designer clothing stores up and down the country have taking a liking to the brand and can now be now seen throughout the high street.

Well… if you are fashion conscious and like to seek the latest trends or like to find unique clothing to enhance your individual style then this collection is for you – If you like to make a statement with your clothing then you should also check out their collection.

About Navy Shoes

Navy possesses a degree of sophistication, which makes them a perfect match for sharp designer suits. This makes it the perfect color to wear during business meetings and job interviews. This classic color conveys an aura of intelligence while still being understated. A pair of shiny navy blue pumps are both authoritative while still being chic during office hours.

Navy blue shoes can be found in various styles depending on the wearer’s preference and personality. There are navy blue slingbacks or a classic pair of platforms with styling that doesn’t seem to run out. For those that want something a bit more unique, Mary Jane shoes are perfect for pairing with all sorts of casual outfits. For the foxy diva, navy blue shoes can also be found in various animal prints.

Navy shoes are perfect for mixing and matching with various clothes in the wardrobe. This is because navy blue footwear goes well with practically anything. Midnight blue is probably the only other shade that offers superior flexibility. From near black shades to the more outrageous high gloss varieties, navy blue shoes are sure to provide a refreshing contrast with most colors. While it cannot be considered bold and daring, navy blue shoes are perfect for color blocking ensembles. It produces dramatic results when worn with solid hues such as red. This color also works sensationally well with vintage pieces. When aiming for chic sophistication, white colors along with nude shades do very well.

Shoes in this color are widely considered an all-occasion pair. They are especially great to wear with dark denim jeans and a basic tee during a regular day at the malls. But they also do well when matched with a snazzy dress for black tie events. In its simplicity, navy blue enables intricately designed pieces to have their moment.

Women’s shoes in this color don’t cost any more than any other color on the market either. A woman’s appetite for shoes is sometimes insatiable and they do have a crazy habit of purchasing shoes that are worth more than their paycheck on occasion. But this is really only true if you cannot resist the urge to get yourself a pair from the finest brands on the market which include offerings by Christian Loubotin. A pair of navy blue pumps on sale is guaranteed to give the trendy woman her quick fix while allowing her to spend her hard-earned money on other wardrobe must-haves. Navy Colored shoes used to be a rare color but not anymore. But due to the large range of color offerings when it comes to shoes, perhaps it has not been getting the attention it deserves.

Saucony Running Shoes Sale

The Saucony ProGrid Ride, one of Saucony’s best sellers, for example, is a flexible running shoe with lots of cushioning and style. The flexibility of this high performance sneaker aids in both comfort and speed. The amount of cushioning inside will help keep your feet stable on the track, and the great style will keep you looking good whether you’re training or racing.

The Progrid Kinvara is one of the newest shoes in the line and is meant for racing. It is a minimally designed shoe, giving you exactly what you need for speed and nothing more. It provides just enough cushioning and structure in a light weight design to keep you flying down the track. The streamlined design translates well to its style, giving it a fast, sleek appearance.

Shopping for shoes online can be a real hassle. Going from store to store in thousands of search results can take a lot of time. How much is your time worth for the savings you’ll get by buying online? Also, if you don’t like your new shoes or if they don’t fit, can you return them?

Finding brand name stores online is one way to make your buying experience online easier. You know the shoes are coming from a reputable dealer whose customer service should be top notch. The question is, are you getting the best price? Brand name stores usually charge more due to advertising expenses and brand recognition.