Month: November 2019

Hemp Clothing

From field to fabric – Natural fiber clothing

Hemp is one of the most ecologically friendly fibers. Hemp plant doesn’t need pesticides as it is naturally pest resistant. When hemp is grown in rotation, it has been known to reduce the pests in future crops. Hemp does not require herbicides, because it is grown so densely that other plants can’t co-live with it. Finally, hemp needs little or no fertilizers and it returns most of the nutrients it takes from the soil. All this makes hemp easy to be grown organically. On top of it, the plant grows between 80-120 days and adjusts to many climate zones.

From fabric to clothing – How hemp turns into organic clothing

In creating eco-friendly, organic hemp clothing, growing is only part of the job. Turning fiber into fabric and fabric into hemp clothing must also be done using processes that are healthy both to the individual and the environment.

Modern methods, however, mostly rely on chemical rather than mechanical processes because they save time and money. For hemp clothing to be considered organic none of the processes in creating hemp fabric should involve synthetic chemicals.

Hemp clothing can be dyed or stay with its “natural” color, which is simply the natural beige color of the hemp fibers after processing. That’s why hemp clothes with a “natural” color can vary greatly in shades. By the way, hemp fibers are more absorbent to dyes and better screen out UV rays than cotton. This means that the color of hemp clothing fades more slowly than the color of cotton.

Finally, hemp can be made into many fabrics, including linen. When mixed with cotton, linen, or silk, hemp provides a sturdier, longer lasting textile of high quality and softness.

Is your hemp clothing really organic?

In case you want to know for sure if the hemp clothes you buy are really organic, look for an organic certification label. Because the National Organic Program standards apply to food only, you will not see a USDA Organic seal on clothes. Instead, look for the label of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). While other eco-labels for clothing and fabrics address raw materials, or chemical finishes, or labor standards, the GOTS certification is the ONLY one that addresses all of the processes.

Nadia Ruseva is a mom, who in search of some tips to raise her child healthy, found a whole new world of inspiration and ideas about how to be healthy and beautiful inside and out… about how to make a difference.

Buying Cheerleading Shoes

To make sure that you start out your cheer career on the right foot, here are a few guidelines that can help you choose the right shoe.

  • The Cost of Comfort: Price can be a major factor when deciding what shoes to purchase for the individual or the team. Often times cheerleading squads are under strict budget limitations or need to partake in fundraising events in order to purchase equipment. Unfortunately, a cheap shoe is not always going to be the best choice. When it comes to cheerleading shoes, often times you get what you pay for. Cheaper shoes can be lower in quality, less comfortable, and not as durable as their expensive counterparts. There are however discount vendors or vendors that will offer a discount when ordering in large quantities. Make sure to do your research before purchasing your shoes to make sure you get the best shoe for the best price.
  • The Perfect Fit: Comfort is a big issue when it comes to selecting the perfect shoe. There are a few qualities that you will need to look for in a shoe if you want to make sure you choose the right one. The most important factor to consider when purchasing a cheerleading shoe is the level of support it will offer. You will need a shoe that will take you through all the stunts and jumps you will be doing throughout the year. You should also look for a lightweight shoe that allows your foot to breath. Finger grooves on the soles of the shoe will also be a useful addition that will help you through stunts where you or your cheermates will be lifted into the air. If you choose shoes that are not adequate enough, you will put yourself at risk for injury and discomfort the entire season.
  • Added Bonuses: There are a few more things to consider in your search for shoes besides affordability and comfort. Obviously the availability of your team’s colors and the style your team prefers is going to play a role in what shoes to purchase. It is also important to consider what type of activities you and your team will be engaging in. If your routines are comprised of mainly difficult stunts and rigorous jumps and flips, it may be best to consider shoes that are made specifically for that. Look for brands that offer optimum cushions and flexibility. Some of the brands that are popular are Adidas, Asics, Kaepa, and Nike.
  • Time Restraints: One more thing to consider before you buy shoes, especially if you’re ordering them, is the amount of time it will take for them to get to you. If you are ordering shoes for the entire team and have a performance or competition in a few days time, it may be best to find a company that has clean customer service record and can deliver your shoes on time.

Skechers Shape Up Shoes


One of the things that strikes you when you take a look at this line of Skechers Shape Up shoes is the level at which they have managed to go ahead and incorporate safety into their design. The ultimate consequence of this is that you are able to do your exercises very easily without bothering about where or not you will get some injury simply because of wearing bad footwear. This is a critical thing that you must always look at when you want to choose shoes that will be meant for exercises.


Another thing that you ought to know about the Skechers Shape Up shoes is the fact that the shoes that you will be able to buy are those shoes that are extremely stylish. This is because the stitching and the finishing of the shoes are done to perfection. The good thing is that it is made of very smooth leather that will be great for you.


The other part of the Skechers Shape Up shoes that many people do not know about is that you will be able to get plenty of variety. This is because of the fact that the shoes will come in so many colors and hence make it possible for you to pick the exact color that really suits you. This way, you cannot really be left out.

For practical reasons, it is quite difficult for anyone to write all the details about the Skechers Shape Up shoes here. If you would like to own this footwear without spending your life savings on it, then check out for them at ShoeMall.

Long Sleeve Shrug

Solid ribbed styles as well as stunningly elegant cable details are some of the most exciting features that make these casual women wear so definitive and irresistible in their appeal. There are surely some other style variations pertaining to these specific make of casual wear for women. For example, you will surely find the purple frill shrugs, silk shrugs, shrugs with khaki materials, plus size shrugs as well as satin long sleeve shrugs up to your taste and very much in vogue.

Élan International brings you an amazing collection that boasts of all the aforementioned variations and many more. The perfect combos for this form of casual clothing are those long-neglected graphic-printed tees lying in your wardrobe. You may have often heard size matters. But At Elan, you have the liberty to romp though all shapes; sizes and colors. If you are heavy-built, you can go for those smooth chiffon shrugs or some piece woven out of light material. However, if you have a petite frame, then those silk shrugs or for that matter, the knitted shrugs will surely grab eyeballs.

The current fashion designers are making every possible effort to launch a variety of shrugs that would fit women of every shape and sizes. Some of the recent varieties that are up for grabs at Elan are cashmere long sleeve shrugs, long sleeve shirts, shrug sweaters and many more. The variety and the collection are never-ending and so are the ways in which you can adorn them.

With these long sleeve shrugs, you no longer need to hide those strapless dresses and wish the weather would have been more cooperating. Pull out that strapless little black dress from your wardrobe and pair it with a knitted shrug in silver or gold. Add more funk to your appearance with those killing stilettos and gold hoops.

Sequined shrugs are a must for every wardrobe these days and they can jazz up any dull outfit in no time at all. If you have a decent enough budget, you might as well go for pieces with Swarovski crystal detailing. But for those who do not have that kind of budget can very well settle for the replicas.

Earth Shoes Discount

Looking for Earth Shoes Discount

Although shoes from this brand can be a bit pricey, there is indeed a good way to get hold of them without ruining your budget. There are shoes that are being sold at discounted prices. There are stores that are offering these shoes on sale. Discount prices and shoes on sale are actually some of the many benefits of online shopping.

There are many retailers in the Internet that offer a list of shoes with their descriptions, reviews and discounted prices. You can definitely get great bargains. You will also have many options. Online stores can afford to give Earth shoes discount because they have thousands of people buying from their stores on a daily basis. They do not incur the same expenses that local shoe stores incur. They do not have to employ sales people. They do not have to run TV, print or radio ads. They do not have to print flyers. This is why they can afford to offer discount prices.

Buying Earth Shoes Online

When shopping for discounted Earth shoes, make sure that you know what you are looking for. This way, you can automatically narrow down your search. There are many stores that offer Earth shoes discount. However, if you really want to save money, make sure that your online store is a reputable and established one, so you won’t get duped. Also, make sure that they offer free shipping and returns. You should be very particular about their return policy. You don’t want to have problems with return shipping and return charges in case the need arises. After all, getting great bargains online do not just end with getting Earth shoes discount.

Pink Bathrobes

Pink bathrobes are usually more popular with women, though some men do like to use pink bathrobes. Bathrobes of this color are almost never popular with young males, but are actually one of the most popular choices for young females.

If you want to buy a pink bathrobe, here are some things to think about. First of all, what size do you need? There are usually bathrobes in small, medium, large, and child sizes. For this, you should just buy appropriate to your size. You may also wonder what brand to purchase.

Bathrobes are generally pretty straight forward items, but buying a better brand could benefit you in a few different ways. One of those ways is in softness, and one is in a better fit. More expensive bathrobes (sometimes spelled as two words: bath robes) tend to feel softer and more comfortable, and they also tend to fit you better. Some people who have bought bathrobes of a very high quality say that the bathrobe feels as though it “conforms to their body”. This is the sign of a very high quality bath robe.

Pink bath robes can be used for a multitude of different purposes. For one, they can be used to cloth and keep warm with right after leaving the shower or the bath. They will absorb water, while at the same time keeping you from getting a draft that makes you shiver.

They can also be used at the swimming pool for wearing over your bathing suit when going to and from the pool. On the way back, they will absorb water, helping you to stay warm and dry. Of course, pink bathrobes made of silk or satin do not absorb as well as other types, so take this into account when buying a robe for your own use.

Chie Mihara Boots

Just a brief background of Chie Mihara – the designer would be in order here. She cut her fashion designing teeth in her teen years when working for a Japanese designer. This prepared her for the more extensive course in fashion technology that she completed at New York. It was this knowledge combined with her brief working experience at a store which created special orthopedic shoes that gave her the impetus to pursue her dream of designing shoes.

Chie Mihara was very clear that she would make designs that would appeal to women. She started creating each pair with that in mind not forgetting that her creations must also never compromise on the comfort factor. She therefore incorporated a foot bed in each of her creations that presented great comfort to women with narrow feet. She was well aware of the issues that such women faced and this was just one example of how deeply she had studied the market.

Chie Mihara boots are available in a wide spectrum of colours as well as patterns. The designer made her creations easy to access through online stores as well as through retailers spread across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. She puts in a lot of research and effort into her designs and her sources of inspiration come from art galleries, vintage collections, museums and books. The effort is to combine eclectic styles with functionality and comfort and each of the designs go through much iteration before being approved and sent to the factory for production.

Chie Mihara boots make use of a lot of conventional fabric material and bright colours. She knows that women in particular would like to have footwear accessories that complement their wardrobes. This has led to the introduction of many funky colours which the designer has not been afraid to experiment with.

Apart from the colours used, Chie Mihara footwear could make an impression on consumers due to the wide variety of styles. Some of them include names like Caristi, Jinder, Nilon, and Iona and so on. Each of these styles was able to win over the hearts of consumers in the countries mentioned above mainly due to the fact that they addressed all basic requirements wonderfully well. Women found that they could buy formal as well as casual footwear in the colours and patterns they needed from one brand and that made them loyal customers.

Chie Mihara boots is one more brand that has been able to blend style with comfort and a lady designer has been truly able to make a profound impact on the footwear industry.

Titanium Hair Flat Irons

There are many titanium straightening irons being sold today and you can find these flat irons at most places that carry hair care products online. Hair straightening irons are a good choice among women who want that straight look that models in magazines wear. You want to make sure you research titanium hair irons before purchasing because you want to make sure you get the best product for your hair texture. Styling can be easy if you have the best tools possible and use ideal hair products to aid in the styling process. Hairsprays, heat protection sprays, and even your shampoo and condition should be chosen with care.

Titanium hair straighteners are durable and long lasting and some brands are sometimes expensive but are worth it because you don’t have to replace them often and most come with some type of warranty. The best titanium straightening irons aren’t the most expensive ones, however. Many affordable models are out there that do the same quality work as the higher end titanium flat irons.

Chi brand is a very popular brand in flat irons. Chi has a large selection of flat irons and offers titanium hair straightener irons in their line. Other brands that are known for their titanium straightening irons are BaByliss, Hot Tools, and HAI. Many of the choice brands can be found on Beauty Stop Online.

Next time you are in the hair care aisle at your favorite local shopping spot, look for titanium flat irons and other titanium hair care appliances. You can find many models lining the shelves and at an affordable rate. Or, you can go online, to Beauty Stop Online, and shop for your titanium flat iron. Many special prices are offered to online shoppers, so be aware of this when you are browsing. Make sure you are looking for the flat iron that is most tailored to your hair type and desired look. This will make the styling process much easier.

Shirts and Ties

Wearing a tie to work is a requirement at many workplaces for male employees. In other cases, men wear ties simply because they like to look sharp when they head to school, out to eat, or to work. Like any other fashion item, there are some do’s and dont’s to wearing ties, and you can’t look good wearing any old tie. Not every tie looks good with every shirt, and pairing the right items together can take basic pieces to a whole stylish new level. You probably know the basics- striped ties don’t look good with plaid shirts, for example- but there are a few other tricks that you need to know if you want to look your best.

While solid ties seem like the easy choice, striped ties are actually the most versatile pieces you can own. Start by picking out a few striped ties in strong, dark colors. If possible, pick up striped ties in classic combinations like blue with red, white, or yellow stripes or dark colors like navy with lighter stripes. Striped ties that feature wide stripes or a single contrast color stripe are the most popular, and this look is always in style. Keep in mind that when you are buying ties, you should remember the basics of proportion. If you are heavyset or very tall, ties that are wider with wide stripes will look best on you, while skinny or narrow ties are a better fit for men who are shorter or very thin.

Next, you need to consider which types and colors of shirts will look best on you. There is no such thing as owning too many well-tailored dress shirts, so feel free to pick up shirts in every color. If you can only afford a few shirts to start with, you will need a white shirt, a gray shirt, and a shirt in your favorite pastel shade. These basics, when combined with striped ties, will allow you to look pulled together in any situation.

Hand Press Trousers

Not only can everyone learn how to iron, it is also a great way to save money. Unless you are rich, or unlike me and have graduated from college and are enjoying the perks that go along with having a decent salary, money is an issue in every college lifestyle. Purchasing an iron is a great way to save some extra cash instead of going to the dry cleaners. Not many people wear a suit one time and then take it to the cleaners. I have found that if you iron your suit, especially your suit pants, after wearing it you can reduce the cost of going to a cleaner and time it would take to iron if you just hung the suit on a hanger.

A good pair of slacks says a lot about a person. The last thing you want to an interviewer to think is how bad your wrinkly pants looked. A nice clean pressed pair of pants screams organization and that you pay close attention to details. When you look like a million bucks you feel like a million bucks, and it all starts with an outfit.

Before I actually start explaining how to hand press pants, I want to go over some necessary accessories you need. First, you need a temperature adjusting iron with steam, an ironing board or a towel over a cleared off counter or table, distilled water and a couple of small pins. Before plugging in your iron, be sure to pour the water into the compartment on the iron.