Month: February 2020

Sweater Dress

Cowl necks are for sober candidates and plunges are for daring ones. That doesn’t mean you cannot draw a line. You can go for crew cuts, special knitting around the upper part, or even deal with a slit sweater. If it is reasonably long, its stands as a staple diet, and makes an impression with leggings, as long as you get your pumps right.

You can also go for flats if you are tall, but they go best with jeans and corduroy, not leggings. You can also check the chill breeze with an additional cardigan, but make sure you get the colors right (or wrong!)

A suave blue sweater dress stressing your hourglass figure is a knockout when it is teamed with a thin white belt and matching clutches. You can also go for chandelier earrings, smart rings and a brown-black clutch. It will go with any pants of your choice (preferably tights) and ballet pumps or stilettos for footwear.

You can go for a voluminous sweater dress, if you can carry it off. A plain brooch in the middle and nothing visible downstairs is wow. However, don’t just go playing with huge sleeves: That is the point!

It should not exceed your upper thighs by all means, and should look to be covering your shorts or just brace that knee length leggings. Elan Clothing is never short of radiant ideas on this matter. Adventurous ones even go for polka dots or animal prints over their sweater dress and carry it with effect even in offices.

Playing with your neckline is a side hobby for many with these Elan sweaters. A mercurial way out is to have a generous neckline showing quite a bit and ending just at the thigh. You can be brave enough to leave your leg exposed till the knee where your knee length boots come up. This is stylish if you choose your sweater dress in fine prints and bobbles.

Party Dresses

  • Determine the dress code – Dresses need to be appropriate, so make sure your read your invite closely to determine just how formal the party may be. Your flirty little number may look fantastic, but you don’t want to be the only one in a mini amongst a sea of long, formal gowns. Is the neckline cut too low? Can you dance comfortably in it, or will you be forever tugging at the skirt to stop it riding up?
  • Look for unique details – Party wears are a cut above your everyday wear and should accordingly feature some extra special details. If bright colour isn’t your thing, there are many ways you can elevate the LBD to a knock-out party dress: stand out in a luxurious fabric or interesting textured finish; look out for unique cuts and structure to add interest; go for an eye-catching print (if florals aren’t your thing, recent technological advances have paved the way for some truly remarkable digital prints); or choose a frock with exquisite detail, from embroidery and embellishment to appliqué.
  • Be inspired – Look around for inspiration, from magazines to movies, and discuss ideas with your friends (if only to avoid turning up in the same dress as your best friend!). Maybe go into a shop you’ve never ventured into before; you’ve got nothing to lose and may end up finding a gem of a dress. Keep track of the party dresses you liked and where you saw them.
  • Trust your instinct – It may sound obvious, but when buying a new party dress and potentially spending a significant sum of money, you need to genuinely like the dress, and consider whether you’d wear it again. Don’t be seduced by a flash-in-the-pan trend. Such a fad will likely limit the amount of times you can wear your party wear and can end up looking forced if it isn’t really ‘you’. Have fun with details (see above), but stick with what you know and like. Trust your gut feeling – you’ll probably know when you’ve found the right one (invariably, it’s one of the first dresses you looked at, about seven shops and three hours ago!).

Maxi Skirt

All said and done, have you ever wondered how do you wear a maxi skirt? Keep in mind that a wrong blouse or a shirt over a maxi skirt can make you look nothing more than a shabbily-dressed school teacher. But with a little effort from your end, and of course with my wonderful tips, you can surely make heads turn like never before.

Never over-do your maxi skirt. Keep it simple with a low-profile top or shirt. Dramatic colors are a strict no-no. However, one will not mind if you play your bit with shades of heaven and earth and flowing prints. But simplicity is the buzzword. Cropped sweatshirts will work wonders for you but mind the shade and effect again.

If you are wearing a high-waist skirt, opting for cropped chic tops would be sensible. You might as well try a tied-up top to show those nice curves that you have desired to flaunt since ages. If you want to show off your creative bent, you may pair your outfits with a tank dress, a one-piece swimsuit or even a frilly skirt dressed as a top.

Again, if you have a full-volume skirt, it is not necessary that you would require teaming it up with a tank top. You can add that extra funk to your outfit by pairing it with a loose-fit shirt or blouse. However, slimmer skirts look best when pair with a body-hugging tee. Quirky color combos do not really hurt you, but if you prefer to play it safe, you can opt for tops and skirts in the same color family.

Who doesn’t want to grab the eyeballs? If you have the slightest intention to be the cynosure of the evening party, then you can pair your shimmering maxi skirt with that oh-so-delicious mini dress that you picked up for your beach vacation last year.

Maxi skirts are more than often characterized by plenty of designs and plethora of colors.

Find Polka Dot Dress Online

For instance, polka dot dresses are back in fashion. This season Fall-Winter 2011-2012 is all about this dress which seems to put a happy smile on everyone’s faces. It was very popular in the 1950s and nowadays, it brings the charm of those times back on our streets. Many designers have included this style in their collections: Jarlo and Emily and Fin are just two of them. In order to be fashionable, you should immediately surf the web and buy a dress with a classic or unique combination of dots in colors and different scales. It will definitely attract attention and make you feel like a star.

When you want to buy a dress online, you definitely have a lot of options and deals. There is a wide array of websites which welcome you with appealing offers but your choice must be based on something that suits your body shape, whether it is a polka dot dress or something else. The Fever ivy dress is simply a sensational style falling slightly below the knee, the length is bang on trend for this season and will be perfect for festive parties and evenings out. This dress is also considered to be the ultimate bridesmaid dress or occasion dress and you can find it in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Moreover, you can buy it with a discount from an online store and you can save some money to purchase some accessories.

Disaster designs is another important name in the world of fashion which has managed to grow a real cult following throughout the UK, the USA and the on the Continent. They are famous for keeping up with changes in the industry and for pushing the boundaries of design. Disaster designs have several small brands providing a variety of fashionable and chic accessories which are based on various sources of inspiration. Now you can create fashion with the addition of a simple little accessory or a slightly unusual bag which will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

The aforementioned represent just several ideas about what you can find if you are willing to purchase a dress or accessories online. Whether it is a polka dot dress or a Fever ivy dress, make sure it is from an authorized retailer. There are many designers which sell their products through online retailers so you can find various offers and brands in just one place. Visiting an online boutique that welcomes you with both Emily and Fin and Jarlo is definitely more efficient than searching the web for each brand separately. Buying a designer dress online is certainly an advantage; there are a lot of choices, a greater range of sizes than would be found in a regular store, it is less tiring and it will be more fun.

Adding Color To Wardrobe

One of the key things to remember about adding color to your wardrobe is to try not to limit yourself too much. You may already think that the rack of shirts in your closet consists of plenty of color. However, upon closer inspection you may find that you really only have colored shirts in shades of green and blue. This is not at all uncommon. So your goal should be not just to add one or two colors, but a whole range, including brights like yellow, orange and perhaps even fuchsia. Don’t ever just assume that a certain color will not look good on you. Try it on first to see how it looks, and to see if it compliments your hair and skin tone. If you have dark or olive skin, warm colors such as red, orange and yellow will likely look best on you. If you have fair skin, cooler colors such as green, blue and violet will likely work well for you.

If you are hesitant, just start small. Look for colored scarves or tie stylesthat you find appealing. Scarves and ties are a great place to start with incorporating color into your wardrobe, because while they are not large items of clothing, they do have a large impact. Because the piece of fabric is worn so close to your face, anyone who sees you receives a subconscious message about you and your personality. A peach or pink tie can make you appear sensitive, calm and self-assured. A red tie can make you appear passionate and powerful. Blue makes you appear warm and honest, while green reflects solidity and reliability.

Once you are ready to graduate to larger wardrobe items, it is time to add in colorful polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, and accessories such as bags and umbrellas. A red umbrella makes a much more dramatic statement than your typical black one. If you’d rather incorporate color on your bottom half, look for a brightly colored pair of shoes or trousers. Corduroy pants in olive green, mustard yellow, or rust are an excellent look for fall and winter.

Now as much as I love color, I do think that too much of it at once can be overwhelming. If you want to dress in mustard yellow, go for the cords only. You will never hear me encourage anyone to wear a whole suit in a mustard tone. For social outings, you can get away with layering 2 bright colors. However, in the work place, stick to one bright color at a time, using it as an accent. This will keep your outfit looking interesting without being over the top.

Crystal Bracelets

To find out why this is the case, we need to understand how significant crystal bracelets and other accessories of this type have been throughout the ages. In mediaeval Japan for instance local conflicts and even wars have been started purely because of a feud over the ownership of jewellery of this type.

Nigel Parker wrote “Journeys in the Orient” in 1798, in which he describes spending three months with a family near what is now Tokyo. They were grieving for the loss of a family heirloom, which at first bemused the author as it was a simple crystal bracelet made of Onyx. However, it was clear that the emotional significance of the item far outweighed any objective monetary value that could be put upon it. While in the West this could be put down to the sentimentalism that is normally attached to an heirloom, in this case it was clear that there was something more, so Dr Parker decided to investigate.

He knew that around the world, societies and civilisations have discovered these beautifully coloured crystals and, because geology was an unknown science at the time of the discovery, they had imbued these stones with meanings and history often derived from their own local mythology. Significance was often attached to the size shape and colour and cut of these rocks. In the case of the family he was living with it became apparent that a crystal bracelet as an heirloom passed down for more than three generations had supposedly become a “life holder” and contained part of the soul of those who previously worn it. So he could see why his hosts were upset. This was clearly a belief they held most devoutly.

Wherever you go you will find similar stories. Value and meaning that far outweigh any realistic judgement has been placed upon these coloured gems. Precious stones, and particularly those worn as crystal bracelets do have one meaning that seems to transcend many of the cultures in which they have been worn throughout history. That is when a woman wears a crystal of a particular colour it means she is married or no longer available. A clear crystal is often used to denote purity in many cultures no matter how diverse.

The Natural History Museum in the UK now categorises over 4000 different colours and styles of rock. Each one of these stones is categorised by where it is found and as part of their encyclopaedic reference it includes a potted history of any meaning that may have been attached to the stone specific to the place where it was found. What started out as a job for two people at the museum rapidly spiralled into its own department now housing eight people. Sorting out the various meanings of jewellery depending on which area of the world it was found has turned out to be a full-time job.

Winter Wedding Outfits

Winter wedding outfits may seem trickier than their summer counterparts, but are a wonderful opportunity to explore romantic glamour. Leave the pastels and brights to the summer months; winter weddings are the perfect time to indulge in jewel tones and luscious fabrics. Swathe yourself in velvet and top off with fur-trimmed accessories, such as a shrug or bolero, to keep the chill out and the glam factor high.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – When planning wedding outfits, a holistic approach is best taken; the entire ensemble needs to be considered as a whole, without conflicting pieces vying for attention. Chic wedding outfits are made up of complimentary elements – hat, bag, shoes, jewellery – which harmonise with one another. Building upon the foundation of a great dress, carefully considered accessories will complete an ensemble, adding up to equal an impressive wedding outfit.

Stick to the classics – Lots of photos are bound to be taken. In the years after the wedding, you want to look back on the happy day with fond memories, not cringing at how awfully dated your look was! Trends are great for everyday fun with fashion, but are best in small doses for such a special occasion. Sticking with the classics and what you know suits you best will ensure you feel good on the day, and save you embarrassment years down the line! A classic, versatile piece will stay in your wardrobe for years, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Consider comfort – A wedding usually has several stages of ceremony and celebration, making it a long day. Often beginning in a chilly church, you’re likely to end your day working off the wedding cake on the dance floor. Keep in mind venue and comfort when selecting wedding outfits; what may feel good in the comfort of your own home could be a different story after a three-course wedding breakfast (not forgetting the champagne!) Layers are important; you may spend a lot of time outside posing for the official photographs, only to be working up a sweat dancing later on. And no matter how gorgeous those high heels are, they have to be comfortable and fit properly, otherwise navigating loose stone paths at the church could prove tricky!

Rockport Shoes

A lot of fashion designers and shoe manufacturers try to create a timeless look and fail to do so. Rockport is one company that knows how to do it. Women can choose from a variety of boots, heels, flats, and sandals, and men can choose from an array of boat shoes, loafers, athletic shoes, and oxfords.

The brand offers women every style of boot imaginable: knee-high, calf-high, ankle boots, fur, and rainboots. Flats and heels of varying lengths are available. Some of the boots are made out of waterproofing technology and feature seam sealants to keep your feet dry in the rain. Whether you prefer zippers, buckles, slip-ons, or strings, you can count on the pair of boots you buy to fit perfectly.

Rockport shoes for women include every type of heel from pumps to Mary Janes. Wearing any of these heels will make you feel chic and sophisticated. They are also designed to provide support and comfort, so you won’t have to worry about your feet or ankles getting sore. Every color imaginable is available.

For men, the oxfords are usually best-sellers. These are really great looking masculine shoes. They are made out of materials such as suede and full-grain leather. If you want a comfortable pair of oxfords, look no further. Rockport shoes for men feature smooth lining and insole. From wing-tip styles to T-toes, you can find any pair of oxfords to suit your wardrobe. Neutral colors such as beige, black, and white are available.

For athletic wear, men can find some great sports shoes. Many of these pairs feature stroebel construction in order to provide flexibility to the forefoot. Rubber outsoles deliver grip on any type of surface, be it dry or wet. Hydromotion drainage technology is also used in the manufacturing of these athletic shoes. This type of system keeps feet dry by dispersing water and sweat through evacuation ports.

There are athletic shoes available for women as well.

With so many great styles, it’s no wonder that Rockport shoes has lasted for years and years. New designs come out every season, so you can always count on this brand to provide you with the freshest look.

About Red Court Shoes

Many people don’t know that red court shoes can be worn with all kinds and styles of clothes. You can see women wearing them with all lengths of skirts and dresses, with office clothes, jeans, shorts, Capri’s and such. Since they are very versatile, wearing them to that all important dinner straight from the office is not a problem at all. With a red pair, you can wear them with tan, black, dark blue, gray and even white outfits. A good pair of red leather court shoes can be a good investment and will last you many years if taken care of properly.

You can find them in various heights where heels are concerned. From kitten heels to those that are over 3 inches, you are most definitely spoiled for choice. Predictably, women tend to instinctively wear black or neutral shades with outfits that are tan colored. Although this looks good, a better choice perhaps would be to wear a red pair of court shoes. The type of shade chosen can be either dramatic or subdued. For instance, a patent leather red shoe would certainly put focus on your shoe whilst a plain leather or suede one would be muted but chic at the same time.

With many department stores having court shoes in stock, there really shouldn’t be a problem finding the right shade of red that is just right for you. Most of the stores have an online presence these days and you can browse their catalogs from the comfort of your home.

You may discover when you decide upon a pair of red court shoes that it may not fit perfectly. That could be for a variety of reasons ranging from having bunions to having a very high arch. This can be solved quite easily with a good quality pair of insoles or any of the other types of padding you can find. These are made specifically for certain problems and it is important that you buy good quality ones. Insert them into the shoes as directed and you may very well find that the problem of discomfort you had being resolved very effectively.

Red court shoes really are a very exciting addition to the colors you already have. There are so many styles and designs that come out every season and you really can find one that fits your style and personality. Try them on and you’ll be surprised how well they can complement your many outfits.

Winter Socks

Fox River Norwegian Crew Socks

Made of Ragg wool, the Fox River Norwegian Crew Socks will keep you warm and comfortable while providing you with the performance and the durability you need. In September of 2010, the Norwegian Crew was featured in GQ as a modern version of returning classic styles. Stay warm and look stylish all winter long with the Norwegian Crew. No need to worry about it shrinking either, its stretch nylon core helps it retain shape, wash after wash.

Darn Tough Coolmax Hike-Trek Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Coolmax Hike-Trek Cushion Socks provide a snug-fit, medium-cushioned sock with lots of durability. Although intended for hiking, this sock is a personal favorite, and my go-to choice to wear to the office or when I’m on the go in the winter. These socks don’t slip one bit, so no need to worry about having to pull your socks up when you’re out in the cold. Get through those tough winters with Darn Tough.

Feetures Pure Comfort Medium Cushion

Feetures is another brand I’ll find any excuse to slap on my feet at any given time. While the Feetures Pure Comfort are designed to be a performance hiking sock, they’re also a great sock to be wearing around the house during the cold days of winter. The soft cushioned feel of these socks make you forget all about the dreadful cold and bring your feet nothing but comfort and warmth.

Just About Any SmartWool Sock

SmartWool is one of the most recognized and adored sock brands around, and rightfully so. The Merino wool comfort is outstanding, which is why it’s hard to go wrong with SmartWool in the winter. I remember when I was wearing a relatively light SmartWool sock during a drive into work when the car still wasn’t heated up and my feet were probably the warmest part of my body. Now, if you get into more of their athletic socks, yeah that may not be the most ideal winter sock. However, with superior moisture, temperature and odor control, it’s hard to pass up a SmartWool sock when the snow is a-fallin’.

Fits Rugged Hiker Crew Socks

While the brand name isn’t as recognizable as some of the others, Fits Rugged Hiker Crew Socks will keep your feet just as warm and comfy as the others. This sock is even a staff pick. Made for the trails, but worn everywhere, Fits Rugged Hiker Crew gets the job done with Merino wool and it fits like a glove. Stay warm all winter with Fits.