About Winter Colors For Men

  • Blonde:
    If you are a natural blonde with blue eyes and fair skin, look for staple pieces of clothing in charcoal gray and navy blue. Then, accent your wardrobe with pieces in jewel tones and bright vivid colors. For example, a great winter look for you would be a charcoal gray v-neck sweater, a white button up shirt, and a cobalt blue tie. Other tie styles that would work would be emerald green or ruby red. Wearing these jewel tones close to your face will help to brighten your complexion. Avoid wearing earth tones such as beige and soft brown, as well as powdery and muted colors, as these will make you appear washed out. These same color rules apply if you have yellow toned skin, as deep charcoal, navy, and black will contrast nicely with it and warm up the hue of your complexion.
  • Brunette:
    Surprisingly similar to blondes, if you have brown hair with fair skin tone, you will also look best in jewel tones. You should look to add some color in your shirts or sweaters that are rich in color, such as emerald green or dark blue. A splash of color is a great way to brighten up your staple pieces, such as a grey, navy or black suits that may appear dark on their own. For example, wear a plain white shirt and add a colorful jewel colored tie to add depth to your skin and brighten up your eyes. Be sure to avoid pale colors like pastel pink or baby blue as it will make your skin look washed out.
  • Redhead:
    If you are a natural redhead with fair skin and dark eyes, it is likely that you have what stylists refer to as “autumn coloring.” This means that your complexion is enhanced by earthy and spicy colors. For example, put on a bright blue colored shirt and look in the mirror. The color is kind of overpowering you, isn’t it? Now put on a moss green colored shirt, and see how the natural earth tone complements your skin and hair. You should look for colors with warm and golden undertones. For winter, look for sports jackets, blazers and sweaters in tones such as forest green and dark plum. Ties and scarves in shades of burnt orange and gold are nice choices. You may always wish to select eggshell or cream colored button up shirts, since plain white can look very stark against your skin.
  • Darker Skin Tones:
    Interestingly, if you have dark brown or golden brown skin, you likely look best in autumn colors as well. This is because both redheads and those with dark skin have golden undertones to their skin and dark eyes.