Accessorize A Black Outfit

  • With shoes: Shoes can make or break any outfit. The right pair of shoes can definitely take your outfit from simple and black to stylish and fabulous. The good thing about an all black dress is that you can match anything to it. So have some fun and get gorgeous shoes in any color or print, high heels or flats. Try leopard print stilletos or red kitten heels for a flirty look that never goes out of style.
  • With a hair piece: A colorful feather or a beautiful headband can take your entire outfit from simple to fabulous without much effort. Feathers can be worn in your pony tail or as a hair clip with your hair down. If your dress is all black, you can get a detailed headband in any color or print, and it will still match. Or for something more formal, get a black headband with some embroidery, rhinestones or other jewels on them. Just a touch of sparkle or color is all you need.
  • With sunglasses: If you want to add some funk to your black dress, try accessorizing with sunglasses. Try different colored frames like white, red or blue, or different designs on the frames like animal print or heart frames. You can get gradient lenses that are darker on the top and lighter on the bottom and wear them indoors if you’re going to a club or party. Or slip on a pair of lightly tinted aviator shades or simple rectangular frames for a more sophisticated look. Whether you have funky costume sunglasses or simple black frames, they’re a great accessory for any black dress.
  • With a shawl: With a colorful shawl wrapped around your black dress, you don’t really need any other accessories. A shawl is a great accessory that not only helps to add some style to your outfit, but also warms you up on a chilly night.