Adding Color To Wardrobe

One of the key things to remember about adding color to your wardrobe is to try not to limit yourself too much. You may already think that the rack of shirts in your closet consists of plenty of color. However, upon closer inspection you may find that you really only have colored shirts in shades of green and blue. This is not at all uncommon. So your goal should be not just to add one or two colors, but a whole range, including brights like yellow, orange and perhaps even fuchsia. Don’t ever just assume that a certain color will not look good on you. Try it on first to see how it looks, and to see if it compliments your hair and skin tone. If you have dark or olive skin, warm colors such as red, orange and yellow will likely look best on you. If you have fair skin, cooler colors such as green, blue and violet will likely work well for you.

If you are hesitant, just start small. Look for colored scarves or tie stylesthat you find appealing. Scarves and ties are a great place to start with incorporating color into your wardrobe, because while they are not large items of clothing, they do have a large impact. Because the piece of fabric is worn so close to your face, anyone who sees you receives a subconscious message about you and your personality. A peach or pink tie can make you appear sensitive, calm and self-assured. A red tie can make you appear passionate and powerful. Blue makes you appear warm and honest, while green reflects solidity and reliability.

Once you are ready to graduate to larger wardrobe items, it is time to add in colorful polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, and accessories such as bags and umbrellas. A red umbrella makes a much more dramatic statement than your typical black one. If you’d rather incorporate color on your bottom half, look for a brightly colored pair of shoes or trousers. Corduroy pants in olive green, mustard yellow, or rust are an excellent look for fall and winter.

Now as much as I love color, I do think that too much of it at once can be overwhelming. If you want to dress in mustard yellow, go for the cords only. You will never hear me encourage anyone to wear a whole suit in a mustard tone. For social outings, you can get away with layering 2 bright colors. However, in the work place, stick to one bright color at a time, using it as an accent. This will keep your outfit looking interesting without being over the top.