Argyle Sweater

An argyle sweater vest is something that has been popular with men since ages. It is the unique knitted design of diamond shapes in various colours and patterns that render it unique and different from other sweaters. These ‘argyle’ designs are not very easy to create and do require plenty of knitting expertise to churn them out with amazing consistency and variety. The technique itself is called ‘intarsia’ and has been in practice since the 1500s. Earlier, these designs were primarily created on socks as well as on vests. But it was only a matter of time before a wider canvas in the form of sweaters beckoned and the creators were quick to recognise the huge potential this unique design had in store for them. Since then, argyle sweaters have been associated with comfort and plain old world charm and they continue to remain popular with most men.

Let us in this article look at the different ways in which you can wear that argyle sweater.

The first option is presenting a casual appearance. You can do that by just wearing the argyle sweater over a t-shirt. However, since the sweater is a sleeveless one, you need to be careful of what you wear underneath and it should not be a tattered one. You can also choose to wear solid colour shirts that will complement the print of your sweater. Sport a denim jean or khaki with loafers to complete the picture.

Then you have the semi-formal look. This is a bit tricky as you need to project that air of seriousness with some nonchalance. That can be done by choosing polo shirts with solid colours and khaki pants. The argyle sweater itself need not necessarily have solid colours. Just ensure that you do not wear jeans with this combination. Canvas tennis footwear or loafers should be ideal options.

The formal look is easy as you only have to dress up in a button up shirt. A coat with tie can only make things better and smarter. Make sure that the colours are solid as there is no place for any designs or prints. The reason is that your argyle sweater already has the design and you will only be adding to it. Formal trousers with leather loafers fit the bill perfectly for that formal look.