BeautiFeel Shoes

Realizing the challenge of finding a dress shoe with the perfect fit and acknowledging the fast pace in which women work and play, BeautiFeel Shoes’ motto is: Every woman deserves a pair. In turn, women will love each pair of their BeautiFeel Shoes, as each style features flexible and soft padding, latex soles with shock absorbency, stable and well-proportioned heels.

This guide will help you to learn more about BeautiFeel Shoes and the wide range of dress shoes with various heel heights, in a wealth of designs and colors available today.

The Beautifeel Shoes Philosophy

Seeing the need for shoes that looked stylish and felt comfortable, BeautiFeel Shoes began to create women’s shoes that perfectly balanced the two main demands of its customer. As the company began making it’s now famous shoe line, it noticed that no company made women’s shoes that embodied “dressy comfort.”

Since 1990, BeautiFeel Shoes have made styles for any time, any place and any occasion. According to President, Ami Bar-Nahor, “BeautiFeel women do not have to compromise – they can have the best of both worlds. They can wear well-fitted, comfortable shoes and still look elegant.”

Dress Shoes with Style and For Once, Comfort!

Most women who wear heels to work have that one pair of classic black pumps that they replace year after year. Imagine a pair of dress shoes that look great, feel comfortable and have amazing durability. One of the best new styles, BeautiFeel Women’s Kaden, embodies all of these desirable shoe attributes. Made of a seamless blend of suede and patent leather, the Kaden style black pump features a -5 cm heel and flexible latex outsole that allows you to move around easily. This shoe perfectly marries style with comfort.

A gorgeous open-toe heel, BeautiFeel’s Alba style comes in your choice of exotic leopard suede/patent or in a black embossed suede and patent mix. A part of the 5 cm Architectural Heel Collection, the Alba style features a full heel-to-toe patented foam footbed, which comes anatomically contoured to help stabilize the arch while reducing shock. Not only does the Alba shoe look great, made from high quality calfskin leathers, they come built to last. This style’s cushioning material ensures it will never flatten or lose support, and, as the shoes comes fully leather lined, moisture stays out of the shoe to keep feet dry and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, this dress shoe is specifically designed to help to hold the midfoot and heel while allowing natural movement of the toes.

Dreams Do Come True: Comfortable, Classic Mary Janes

Mary Jane shoes became increasingly popular since the 1990’s and have now entered the realm of classic. This shoe style remains widely popular and today’s Mary Jane shoes often come with a platform or chunky heel, usually anywhere from a half-inch to five-inches. While a classic look, many women complained their Mary Jane shoes hurt their feet due to the strain of heel height or the style’s one strap causing friction on the top of the foot.

BeautiFeel Women’s Hasna style embodies the classic Mary Jane style while introducing the ultimate in comfort. The Hasna style, with a 2 inch heel, features smooth leather uppers, comes lined in leather for the utmost softness and its padded footbed comes with a reinforced arch cookie for added support. Slipping in your heels is now a thing of the past, as well, as the Hasna style comes with a natural latex rubber outsole that absorbs shock and maintains grip. This style comes in your choice of black/grey leather or a deep, regal brown.

Your New Pair of Stylish Flats to Last and Last

BeautiFeel Women’s Dear flats exhibit a perfect balance of style and comfort. The versatile Dear flats have a stylish twist strap that while invisible to the eye, is fastened with adjustable Velcro. While other flats leave you slipping and sliding, the Dear flats are made with a 100% Latex rubber outsole that proves shock absorbent and slip resistant. This modern take on classic flats features the softest leather uppers you’ll ever experience and a leather lined footbed that will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. The Dear flats come in your choice of black leather/patent or bronze/metallic colors.