Bensimon Shoes

That of my tender infancy, and that’s very welcome! With regards to footwear, I recently talked to you about the revival of the Timberland brand. Well, ploughing the same furrow, it’s also the brands like the 80’s child Bensimon that top all the polls.

Although Bensimon hasn’t really ever been absent from the hearts of trendsetters, its simplicity and its authenticity has allowed it to traverse a career of more than 25 years, without showing a wrinkle. And naturally, it’s been in the last few summers that the fashionistas have got out their 1980’s elasticated tennis shoes en mass.

Because these shoes can be worn any way: in town, at the beach, with a pair of trousers, a dress, a skirt, and even in the car! Without giving in to unreasonable inflation, Bensimon continues its way serenely, with styles that multiply the possibilities, while keeping faithful to the original idea. It gets its inspiration from military surplus to create fashionised styles of shoes but also clothes that belong to this world. Which follower of fashion doesn’t have a combat jacket somewhere in their wardrobe?? (Editor’s note: A word to the wise… one of this summer’s hot trends will be the military style!).

Bensimon appropriates feminine and modernist codes wonderfully to create a global universe that’s chic and casual that includes women, men, children, as well as the home, music, art…

The “basics” yes, the “classics”: they’re outside the scope normally dictated by the trends, but they’re mega contemporary. Because Serge Bensimon, their creator, is an open minded man. And if his shops are called ‘Autour du Monde’ (Around the World), it’s because his numerous travels have fed his awareness and his human view of fashion.

This season, Serge Bensimon has decided to mix big classics, creating Bensimon made with Liberty. This is designed to become a Spring/Summer hit, with four shoes styles and four bags styles. If you travel to Paris, do not forget to go to a Bensimon shop (Autour du monde), near to Place des Vosges. You will definitely find a perfect souvenir there!