Cable Sweater

Knit by Hand, Wash By Hand

Sweaters made by hand should also be washed by hand – that’s how it goes. So make sure you avoid the washing machine. If you’re regularly busy, you may find the need to wash your favorite sweater often and it may be tempting to put it inside the washer and dryer. If you work regularly or play with kids on a regular basis, better have a lot of sweaters on hand which you can alternate, so you’ll have time to wash and dry it. When washing, use lukewarm water mild soap and hang to dry.

Fold and Store

Once your sweater has been hung dry, make sure you store it properly. Never hang it in your closet because hanging stretches the size of the sweater. Simply fold your sweater and store it in the closet.

During spring and summer months when you do not need to wear your sweater, make sure you store them properly as well. Make sure they are newly washed and dried, and then fold them just as well. Don’t make use of moth balls – because they aren’t great for the health. You can make use of safer alternatives like cedar balls, herbal sachets and other items from your local health store. Always make sure that you store your sweater dry because storing them while they are damp encourages growth of mildew and mold.

Refrain from using plastic while storing your cable sweater, because plastic can damage fabric by staining it. Always make sure that the items can breathe even while they are stored.

Maintain Your Sweater

Your sweater may pile especially in areas where rubbing occurs like sleeves, elbows and underarm area. You can use a depillar or special device for depiling, but you can also remove them manually. Your sweater may also collect dirt, hair, dandruff, lint and other debris. Brush them off regularly by using a soft brush – like a toothbrush for babies or toddlers.

Once you notice any problems or damages such as rips, small holes or fallen buttons, make sure you have it repaired right away. Repairing the items prevent further damage that may completely render the item unwearable.

Avoid Pets

Pets, especially cats can run their claws through your sweater – and they will snag at the fabric and cause irreparable damage. So make sure your knitted items are away from your cats and other pets. Keep your laundry in a closed area or avoid playing with your pet while wearing your favorite knitted sweater.