Cashmere Twinset

It would seem paradoxical that I am recommending a cashmere twinset when I am talking of hard times in the same breath. There is however a different perspective I come from and that is when you add something of high quality like the cashmere twinset, despite its relatively higher cost, you would be compensating other stuff that you would buy in more quantity and at lesser prices. That is because a cashmere twinset truly stands out and creates an impression that other items cannot.

First of all, this is one clothing item that can be worn with trousers, skirts and even jeans. You thus have an upper garment that can be intelligently combined with any of your trousers, skirts or jeans to be able to present a new look each time. The twinset is a sweater and top that first popular in the 1940s. In those days, there was not much colour or variety and they were not considered apt for casual wear. The sober colours gave it a very formal profile and you only had ladies of high society wearing it.

But cut to today and you have a whole plethora of colours and patterns you can choose from. You can combine solid colours with plain ones for a contrasting appearance or wear matching colours with a trouser or skirt that is of a totally different colour. You can thus wear it for office or for evening wear and all you had to do was get the combination right.

Variations in terms of making the cardigan attractive with sequins and beads have also been a development, giving you the flexibility of wearing them to parties. The sleeve length of the cardigan too underwent changes. You can wear it full or raglan and you also have the option of combining the inner top with a blazer.

The only care to be taken is that the fitting has to be just right and you cannot pass off any baggy appearance with the cashmere twinset. This clothing item has another advantage in that it can be worn both during summer and winter, thanks to the unique properties of cashmere. During summer, it helps the skin breathe and keeps you comfortable whereas in winter, its insulating quality keeps you snug and comfortable.