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Advantages and disadvantages of buying refurbished devices

There are many options that we can choose from when it comes to buying products. One of such options, especially for devices, is to buy refurbished versions. The refurbished version of a device entails devices that have been sold to other customers who return them for one reason or the other. The products are subsequently checked errors, especially if they are returned as a result of errors that were noticed by the customers. The phone will then be marked as refurbished but packaged as new. A customer can subsequently pay lesser for a refurbished version of the product. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of refurbished devices.

Advantages of refurbished devices


One of the major advantages of refurbished devices is that they are cheaper. Considering that they have been opened and probably used for a few days by the former buyer, the sellers will bring down the price of the refurbished product. Thus, you can get the functionality you would have gotten from a new product of 500 USD from a refurbished version that could cost as low as less than 300 USD. The cheaper products mean that you have more money to use for other things that could have been used for buying a brand-new version.


The major reason why we buy products is functionality. The refurbished products are expected to carry out every task that a new one would have carried out. This is considering that they are the same model and from the same manufacturers. Thus, it is expected that you should be able to enjoy every benefit you would have gotten if you have bought a new version of the product to the recycled version.


Warranty is a very vital service that a company should provide for its customers. It allows you to be able to return a product that you have bought if they get faulty within a period when the product is still under warranty. Normally, the company is expected to either repair the phone or replace it if it is returned by a customer for warranty issues. If the new version of the device comes with a warranty, a similar warranty, that could be a few months lesser, will also be extended to the refurbished version.

Disadvantages of buying refurbished devices

Could develop fault

A major disadvantage of buying refurbished devices is that they could develop the same fault that made the initial buyer return the device if it was returned because of a fault. This is why it is advisable to only buy refurbished devices that have a warranty so that if the device develops a fault, the company will be able to take responsibility for the product.

Buying from the wrong company

Buying from the wrong company is another disadvantage of buying a refurbished phone. Even though this could extend to most other things, it would be easier for the company to claim you knew the risk when you were buying a refurbished device compared to if you were buying a new product from other stores. This is why it is important to read reviews of any company you want to buy refurbished devices to be sure that you would not have issues with the products that they would refuse to attend. For instance, if you want to buy smartphones, you should read smarter phone reviews here to know about reputable companies that sell refurbished smartphones before patronizing them.

Negative Heel Shoes

The philosophy behind negative heel shoe design is simple: instead of forcing the body into an unnatural state, why not assist the skeletal system and muscles to achieve proper posture? Fans of negative heel shoes say that standard shoes are designed in such a way that they throw the body out of alignment. Think about your feet when you wear high-heeled shoes or, if you’re a man, when you wear dress shoes that are slightly elevated on an incline. Your entire body weight is pushed forward, forcing you to compensate by holding your body out of alignment. Your center of gravity is switched and, over the long term, you may experience backaches, foot pain and a whole host of other problems.

In contrast, negative heel shoes are designed so that your heel is at a lower point than the rest of your foot. This causes your foot to incline gently up. Proponents of the negative heel say that this position helps relieve pressure off your back and encourages proper posture. Many people who try them report feeling instant changes in the way they walk and the way their bodies feel.

As an added benefit, walking in negative heel shoes burns extra calories. When you walk in this type of shoe you are stretching your calf muscles gently and working your other muscles a little bit harder. It’s a bit like walking up an incline on a treadmill. You exert more energy when using negative heel shoes. As a result, you burn more calories by simply doing the activities that you’re doing anyway. This is a great way to boost your metabolism without having to sacrifice a lot.

It takes some getting used to when you first start to wear negative heel shoes. The shoes will stretch muscles that you normally don’t use when walking. Although you can wear negative heel shoes just like regular shoes, it may be a good idea to break yourself into them before you decide to spend the entire day in the shoes. Use them in the afternoon or morning only for about a week to get your legs and your posture used to the new sensation.

Negative heel shoes are safe for everyone to use, but if you have orthotics or another type of insert they won’t fit into the shoes. Any inserts will undo the benefits of the dip in the heel area. Besides that, many people can get a lot out of wearing this type of shoe.

There are many different brands of negative heel shoes available on the market. The oldest carrier of this type of shoe is the Earth shoe company. Their negative heel shoes run from $47 to $130 and come in both leather and vegan selections.

Discount Coach Shoes and Handbags

You can use a general search engine like Google to find Coach Shoes outlet discount coupons on various websites. All you need to do is to type in the keywords “Coach Discount Coupons” and you’ll find sites that will show you discount or promotional coupons or coupon codes that you can use when you buy Coach shoes. You can change your wording to find more coupon codes, too, like using “Coach Shoes Discount Coupons” or “Coach Sneakers Coupons”.

Many women relish the chance to purchase Coach boots, Coach heels or Coach handbags, especially at discount prices. The potential buyers number in the millions, and this increases every day, as women realize that they can find superior quality Coach shoes at prices not too much higher than lesser quality brands. Coach products last a lot longer than shoes of lesser quality, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that your purchase will last a long time.

You can also get discount coupons in your email, if you have signed up to receive them. Be careful of emails with the simple title “Coach Discounted Coupons”, or the like, because these may be SPAM emails, and not advertising the actual Coach line. Only open emails like this if the return address is someone you know, or an actual Coach website email address. If you haven’t signed up to receive emails from any sites regarding discounted Coach shoes, then most emails with titles like Discounted Coach Shoes may be fake.

Be careful if you buy Coach shoes on eBay or Craigslist, just to get a discount price. There are many fake or “replica” shoes that are misrepresented as actual Coach products. They look amazingly like the real deal, unless you look closely. If you have a chance to view the shoes before you buy, check the stitching and the other notable features that Coach boots and Coach heels have. Look for the tell-tale loose stitching or lesser quality leathers that would indicate that the product you are looking at is not a Coach product.

If you have purchased Coach sneakers or shoes in the past, you probably know what you’re looking for, and you won’t be sucked into any scams selling discount fake Coach replica shoes. If you buy Coach boots or heels from a specific site that you know is legitimate, feel free to sign up to receive emails when they have Coach products on sale. They may periodically send you coupons or coupon codes to use on Coach shoes and handbags.

Coach carries a full line of shoes for all seasons, even though the company is better known for their handbags. The shoes will catch your eye sooner or later, if you’re a fan of Coach. You may see them at a local retail store, or online. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the selection of Coach sneakers, boots, heels and many other styles, sometimes offered at discount prices.

Buy a Suit for Business

You most likely are already a proud owner of a few suits. A thicker one, made of wool for autumn and winter, and a light one made of cotton or tropic weight wool for the summer. The most important thing about a suite is the fabric it is made of and how the suit fits you. You must feel comfortable wearing it. Consider style a secondary issue.

Enter the universe of fabrics. There is cotton, wool, linen, microfibers, and a lot of various blends that add certain features to the fabric. Most of the time wool will be your best bet. As mentioned above, you can wear very light weight tropic wool in the summer, and you have a heavy weight counterpart for the winter. More and more often, wool gets blended with microfibers (including polyester and nylon) to increase the durability and strength of the fabric or make it more immune to wrinkling. Another great blend is cashmere wool – most likely the softest you can get. Women love touching it.

Coming to other fabrics, there is cotton and linen too. You have the seersucker – a classic vertically stripped material popular in the East Coast and Deep South. For extreme heat and humidity – a linen suit is your best bet. One thing to keep in mind though is that linen gets wrinkled immediately. Another thing you should pay attention to is that whatever fabric you pick, it should never change colors in different lighting or shine on you!

Now that you know your fabrics, let’s learn about three basic styles. First, there is the British suit. Square shoulders, unvented or side-vented jackets with tapered waist, pants that are narrower than in the other two styles I am going to talk about below.

An American jacket has natural shoulders, two or three buttons and is centrally vented. The pants have a straight line. Fuller pants are a part of the Italian style. An Italian jacket would be unvented, and have padded shoulders.

Now it is time to set some ground rules for wearing a suit. The rules are pretty straightforward. Whenever you sit down, you unbutton your jacket. Whenever you stand up – you button it up. But remember: you never button the bottom button. In a three-button jacket you button the middle and the top buttons. In a two-button jacket, you button only the top one.

Let’s talk about fit. Your suit needs to fit you. A suit straight off the rack does not fit you, even if you just paid $5,000 dollars for it. Most often the shop will offer complimentary adjustments made by their own tailors. If not, you should still see a tailor who will make sure that the suit fits you. A badly fitted suit ruins our entire image. Also, you are not an expert here. The tailor is. Trust him.

Smart Shoe Shopping Tips

  • If you’re still buying shoes, the easiest first step is just don’t buy full price. Don’t worry about “all the good shoes” selling out, if there are fewer shoppers in the marketplace, that means there is a much larger chance that a pair of those amazing shoes in your size will still be going to the sale rack in a few weeks or months. Almost every store has a clearance or sale section of some sort. You can also find both physical and online stores that don’t sell anything at full retail value, just racks and racks (or pages and pages) of discount designer shoes. Discount outlets are a great way to cross temptation off of your list of over-spending triggers (or move it lower on the list anyway).
  • If you absolutely must stick to the newest of new shoes at full price retailers, at least do a little research before you start shopping. Many full price retail stores and online stores provide coupon codes or promotions on a rotating basis to encourage shoppers. Sign up for online store mailing lists if you buy from the same locations often. You can also try coupon websites that collect codes from all over the web in one location. If you are walking into a brick and mortar store, trying asking a sales associate if they have any specials going on. It never hurts to ask!
  • This next tip is for any neglected shoes you already have. Fix any broken shoes hiding your closet or donate them to a friend who might want to fix them. Problems that would otherwise make a shoe unwearable like a broken heel or a crack in the sole of your shoes (especially when it lets water in), or pulled stitching can all be easily repaired by a trained cobbler. Try searching online or in a phone book for a shoe repair shop or cobbler in your area. You can even replace simple things like frayed or torn shoelaces or a lost ankle strap at a shoe repair store or a craft store.
  • And last, definitely alter the shoes that you don’t wear very often because they’re not the most comfortable or they give you blisters, etc. Any local drugstore or grocery store should carry Moleskin which is a soft piece of cushioned material with a sticky side that can be cut and applied to anywhere a shoe rubs. You can also find pieces of tape to use on slingback ankle straps that don’t stay up and balm to put on your toes (or anywhere!) where strappy sandals can cause blisters. There are also tons of brands of insoles both for the cushioning the entire length of a shoe and insoles for just the ball of your foot or just underneath the heel of your foot (especially great when wearing high heel shoes).

Buy Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are used while playing sports like running, tennis, basketball to name a few. However, shoes used in sports like football, rugby etc are not called tennis shoes. Rather, they are known as boots.

They are made of a very flexible material. The shoes generally also feature a rubber sole. The original design of tennis shoes was basic but since its introduction, the designers have changed the design and made them better suitable for specific purposes. like for track running, one will use spiked shoes.

  • Moreover, the high-end tennis shoes come in different shapes for different for types. In case, someone still cannot find the right shape, he/she can also go for custom made shoes. Although the custom made shoes are costlier than the normal ones, the results are worth it.

A lot of brands manufacture tennis shoes. Some of the popular ones are Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, K-Swiss, Lacoste, Puma, Shaq, Etnies, C1rca, Brooks, Adio, Fallen, British Knights and many others.

Choosing them can be a tricky job sometimes. Some basic considerations can help a person to get the right par of shoes. Below are some of the important points that one may need to think about before getting the shoes.

  • Style is not that important – majority of the people choose their tennis shoes considering only brand names and its looks. They don`t keep the importance of their feet up front most of the times. It can be a little hard to give up an awesome looking pair of shoes that matches your personality, but when it comes to the usage, they should be chosen based on their functionality. The tennis shoes that one is purchasing should be able to protect and support one`s feet ideally.
  • The Heel Box – it is an important part of the shoes. People are generally similar in their needs when it comes to the heel box. A robust heel box is very important to keep the rear foot in control during running and playing. A heel box is the part that covers the heel.

Typically, the heel box used in shoes should be made of leather with some rubber or plastic as reinforcements. However, not every heel box is made the same. To test the heel box while purchasing the shoes, one can try squeezing it in or bending it over. This can give you an idea of the resistance from the heel box. If it is possible to fold over easily over the heel box, support provided is not much.

  • The Upper – injuries are generally caused when mistakes are made in this part. The portion of the tennis shoes that covers the foot is called the upper. It is the upper part of the shoe body, from the toe box to the heel box. This part helps in controlling the fore and mid foot. One should look for a lot of comfort in this region.
  • Change – one should not keep wearing worn out shoes as they can cause problems and injuries. One should keep replacing the shoes to keep the foot protected.

Buy Men’s Leather Shoes Online

How to Find Your Right Shoe Size

The important tip for shopping online is to know your right size before you buy and always choose a pair in your exact size. Order that size you usually wear but never forget to check your country shoe size for example you live in UK and your size is 7, in Europe this would be a size 41 and US size 11. So before buying firstly measure you’re both feet. Some people have one foot slightly bigger than the other in which case choose the shoe size that fits the larger of the two.

Know Your Shoe Brands

You have to know therefore which brand and styles of leather perfectly fit your feet. Once you have a preference for a particular brand, it is easier to search for online stock. Certain shoe styles will suit your feet more than other shoe style. Whereas contemporary leather might not fit your instep well, classic leather may be the perfect fit. Check different styles of men’s leather shoes see which style perfectly suits you and then check the size that fits best.

Recognize the Quality of Shoes

Don’t just go for the cheapest, only shop on websites that are reputable. For high quality look at the shoe images on the online stores (website) you are shopping at. They should be clear, have a brief description and larger photo available for you to view the proper look of shoe. Never forget to read the about us, how long have they sold them. Read carefully the delivery policy, terms and conditions, or contact us page because it’s important to have clear policies.

Returns Policies

Remember, you are buying men’s leather shoes online, so returning shoes is a big consideration. A reputable online store provides excellent customer service like fast delivery, secure online payment option and return service. If an online store does not allow for exchanges, then you should shop elsewhere. Different websites have different terms and conditions, so you can be returned within a set time of period, in the same condition as they were bought and in the original packaging.

Advantages of Online Shoe Shopping

There are many advantages in buying leather shoes online in these days. Some of the major advantages are listed below:

  • You have ocean of choices
  • You can save a lot of money
  • You can save your precious time
  • You can find any style, brand and color
  • You can view different sizes
  • You can check details like size, type, color and your budget range
  • You can place an order with single click
  • Completely secure and safe payment system

Buy Discount Alaia Shoes

Alaia Suede Heels

These heels really do stand out for being attractive as well as bold and artsy. The actual heel itself stands at a dizzy 4 ½”, this is without a platform. If you can walk in these without falling over they will make a stunning addition to any outfit. The heel has a light grey suede running the length of it. These particular shoes are for those that are looking for that little something different, just take care when wearing them!

Python Skin Platforms

This style would normally appear as a cute set of heels with the sweet structure and shape of the shoe. Then you take into account the python skin and the cutesy look is soon forgot. These Alaia shoes are both bold and sexy. The thin straps on the ankle have the opposite at the toe with the cinched thick straps. An edgy look is added to this shoe with its prominent python skin covered heels, add to this the jet black color and you have one sexy heel on your hands.

Tie-Up Leather Sandal with Rivets

Every stitch of these Azzedine Alaia sandals are stunning. The thick black heels fit in perfectly with the overall style of the shoe. Metal rivets add texture and sparkle to the black leather straps. The straps on the heels feature 2 cut-out sides that meet in the middle and lace through the rivets. All in all the shoes are an intricate and beautiful design. Putting all the features together results in a head turning shoe.

Platform Wedge with Cut Outs

These are a fun and eccentric pair of wedges mixed in with a big dose of charm. The geometric red/brown leather pattern makes up the shoes upper. Not only is the pattern eye catching, it is also unique. The leather used even gives off a stunning shine that really adds to the look of the shoes. With an amazing six inch high heel these are not for those that suffer from vertigo. There is some lovely detailing, reversed black triangles, that sits between the wedge and the sole. These sit really well against the brown heel. Taking all these beautiful features into account they are going to be first choice for women looking to buy Alaia wedges

Naturalizer Shoes

This is a shoe that enjoys a great reputation plus utilizes classic designs and modern details to take a traditional shoe to the next level. The versatile style characteristics of this classy shoe include chic, feminine and comfortable. Every effort is made during production to ensure the highest manufacturing and handcrafting goes into every shoe.

You would not think that a shoe would be a technological marvel, but by using specialized N5 Comfort Element features there is a holistic attitude in every style and design of these shoes.

N5 is the name given by the manufacturer to describe the unique elements that go into every one of its shoes. Insoles are intended to be bendable and highly flexible. The Go Light Element is the feather weight outsole that lightens your every step.

The Find Balance Element describes the ergonomic heel and toe styles for stability. The Move Soft Element provides additional cushioning directly under your foot to make sure every step is soft and pliable when walking, running, or just living.

Using a Breathe Easy Element these shoes are designed to keep your feet cool when you just can’t kick your shoes off under your desk.

Seasons change, but women will always love boots. Try the Juletta style that represents the best of everyday fashion. Every step will make you smile as you wear these boots for work and pleasure. The heel height is perfect at 1″ which a shaft height of 15 ¾” and the shoe fits true to size. The outsole is synthetic material and the upper is made from vintage calf leather.

You want a classy and flirty pump for work and play? Manmade soles and a heel that is 2.25 inches in height makes this shoe perfect for you. Comfortable and stylish, this low heel dress pump has croco-like printed leather uppers. Look to the features that make this shoe so comfortable; the soft linings and foam cushion insoles that incorporate N5 elements. Built gorgeous and safe with a textured rubber traction outsole this will be your perfect office shoe.