Clear Backpacks

There have been numerous reports about gun shootings in schools and children who bring drugs, knives and handguns into classroom environments. School criminality has become national problem our children encounter almost every day. And the obligation to carry transparent backpacks appears to be practical solution because it is already demonstrating positive outcomes. According to several school districts’ reports, the exclusions caused by drugs, guns and other illegal items have dropped by 50%.

The fact that clear backpacks can be helpful is based on two major grounds. First of all, such packs allow school personnel and students to see what others are carrying inside, which in turn lets them identify and detain those with prohibited items brought into the campus. Secondly, mandating see-through backpacks and bags prevents potential troublemakers from trying to hide their contraband articles. It is estimated that in about 50% of cases when students bring handguns and knives, they do it to “show-and-tell” and with clear pack policy in force they will think twice before making any illegal attempt.

Moreover, transparent backpacks also strictly limit kindergarten aged and schoolchildren from bringing distracting items which disturb them from concentrating on their studies. These items include Game Boys, CD Players, Pokemon Cards, Walkmans and many others.

Apart from the school policy, students themselves find additional benefits in carrying see-through backpacks. Now they don’t have to empty their packs looking for pens, iPods or notes and then repack them again. It saves time and confusion plus allows students to be well organized before classes, exams and tests.

Clear packs are particularly handy for children who are just starting school. Teachers don’t need to spend time any more unzipping their backpacks and checking if they brought required stuffs like colored pencils, lunch money, etc. With backpack being visible, it makes that procedure faster.

In addition to schools, many hospitals, sports venues, high-tech companies, prisons, nursing homes, bus companies and other workplaces demand their employees to carry clear bags and backpacks to provide safety. Transparent backpacks also save the wait time in line at security checkpoints and make the process of examining the packs simpler and quicker. Security will not need to search and empty your bags as they can clearly see the contents inside. If anything looks doubtful, they will just ask you to take it out.

The provision of security has become one of the major concerns in public areas. And if it’s required to use see-through bags in such places and we don’t have anything to hide, why not to use clear packs and bags there? Of course, we have some personal items, but we could carry them in a smaller separate carrier which is easier to check.

Besides, transparent packs merely become fashionable. They let people (especially children) demonstrate their nice-looking and appealing belongings to others. Some individuals purposely decorate the stuffs inside to show them off in public. No matter what is the motive, today more and more people consider using clear backpacks in crowded areas.