Dress Warm in Winter

  • Dress in Layers
    The more layers, the better. That is just the way it is. If you want to make sure not to get a cold when it hits Christmas you must make sure you dress in a way to keep your warmth. Before adding a lot of extra layers of clothes to your dressing style you must make sure there is no possible way for the warmth to escape. Do not worry and think you will get too warm if you dress too tight with the layers. Some air will automatically slip out once you start moving, but only enough to get some sort of air condition going. An example of different layers can be an undershirt, shirt and a sweater.
  • Overcoat and long johns
    If you want to dress good-looking yet warm there are several ways doing it. Long johns is something I always use as soon it gets less than 10 degrees C outside. Long johns work perfect under a pair of pants, preferably jeans. When it comes to jackets the best one I know is the overcoat. Why? Simply because it covers a large part of my body and usually comes with deep pockets which leaves plenty of room for my hands and gloves.
  • Stay away from Synthetic materials
    Synthetic materials might just be the most bad material you can use when it’s cold. First of all, it won’t keep you warm when it gets wet, which wool will do. And second of all, natural materials tend to breath better which is very important if you get warm and sweat.
  • Head, Neck and Feet
    You will lose the most heat from your head, that’s a simple reason why you need to use a winter cap. While you are at it go for a winter cap which covers your ears as your ears usually tend to get very cold, especially if you keep the rest of your head warm. Winter caps covering your ears might look stupid, but sure is warmer than a winter cap just covering the top of your head.