From Frumpy To Fabulous

  • Zip it up- This is what I call the model strut, you will never see a model rocking the runway without a sassy pep in her step. Displaying good posture is the key to zipping it up. Practice in the mirror or on the sidewalk, just make sure that get it. This can literally make you appear up to 10 pounds slimmer.
  • Dress for the size you are now- Stop holding on to those jeans that you’ve had since high school. Buy clothes in the size that you currently wear, not the size you would like to be. Dressing in your appropriate size for your body type can instantly make you appear lean and polished.
  • Invest in a new bra- 70% of women in the United States are wearing improper bra sizes. Go to a specialty bra store and get fitted. This is a major to-do when you want to go from frumpy to fabulous. (just a warning, this can become addictive)
  • Dress for your body type- The size on the inside of your garment doesn’t matter as much as having apparel that fits your body type.
  • Don’t forget your Spanx- Spanx is every girl’s best friend, this is a body shaper like no other; flatten bulging bellies and smooth cellulite dimples with this undergarment miracle worker.
  • Layering- This is a key element to creating a fabulous signature look that is polished and well put together. Feel free to mix and match items with jackets, blazers, belts, vests, etc.
  • Brand your accent pieces- Find a staple piece and run with it. As for me¸ I love shoes and handbags; use your staple piece to set yourself apart from the crowd, this can be a scarf, broach, feathers, flowers, you name it, the sky is the limit.