Fun With Office Fashion

Start by adding color to your work wardrobe. There is no rule that you have to wear a white shirt and gray suit to work everyday, so start by bringing your favorite color into your work wardrobe in different ways. While a neon green three-piece suit may be a little much for your office, adding a necktie in a startling shade looks professional but is sure to be noticed. Neckties are just one of the accessories that you can use to bring in a splash of color to your work wardrobe. Consider adding a few accessories that include a bright color – a watch with a brightly colored face, a suit with a lining in a surprising shade, or even socks in a fun color can add personality to the most basic suit. The best thing about adding color with accessories is that it doesn’t require much commitment – you can purchase neckties for as little as twenty-five dollars or less, and you can transform an outfit with a single brightly colored tie.

Pattern is another way to bring some fun into your work wardrobe without breaking the dress codes at even the most conservative office. This doesn’t mean that you should purchase neckties featuring your favorite video game characters, but there are many ties created by different designers that let you add a playful touch to your work outfit. If you want to stay on the conservative side, add neckties with checks or polka dots. For more creative environments, any thing from wild patterns to photographic images can look professional while still being fun. Don’t forget your other accessories either- socks in wild patterns or a pocket square in your favorite bright color add whimsy without being inappropriate for work.

Don’t forget about hardware when it comes to your work outfit. While neckties that feature cartoon characters are tacky and not appropriate for work, adding a tie tack or cufflinks that show off your favorite hobby is a great way to add fun while being professional. Cufflinks are available in an amazing range of styles, and they make any outfit instantly more stylish. You can show off your love of football, your favorite pet, or even a favorite vehicle without crossing any dress code lines by picking out a tie tack or cufflinks.