Get The Bohemian Look

  • Wear Layers: The bohemian look started from hippies who went scrounging for clothes. They didn’t really care what they were wearing, as long as it was comfortable. It was common to see people wearing skirts on top of skirts and dresses on top of pants, and a wide hip belt on top of that. Start out by getting a bunch of inexpensive skirts and dresses from a wholesale clothing retailer. Get wide flowy skirts and gypsy style dresses with different designs on them. Flowers are a popular bohemian design. There’s no rhyme or reason to the bohemian look, so just layer any two skirts however you feel comfortable. Wrap a scarf of large belt around your hips.
  • Wear neutral colors: Definitely stay away from bright colors like pink, red and blue. Instead, choose clothing inspired by colors of nature, like brown, green, orange and soft pink. Natural is the epitome of the Boho-chic look.
  • Go crazy with jewelry: There is not much rhyme or reason to this either. When you’re out shopping for your Boho clothes, imagine yourself as a traveling hippie in the 1960s. Wear chunky beaded necklaces and bracelets on top of natural wooden ones. Adorn your fingers with large stone rings. If it looks funky, then you’re on the right track.
  • Don’t try to match: Bring back your hippie or gypsy image. These people didn’t care about matching. They cared about clothes that fit and looked cool. This is your chance to have a lot of fun with your style, so feel free to experiment with all different patterns, styles and colors. Try wearing a flowery shirt on top of a shirt with completely different patterns. Match colors that don’t exactly go together; pink with blue, orange with purple, etc.
  • Keep your clothes a little worn out: This doesn’t mean you should walk around looking like you just crawled out of a dumpster. But real bohemians almost always got their clothes second hand, so their clothes never looked new. The trick is to wear second hand clothes with new clothes.