Glove Etiquette

They defined the class and elegance of a lady are now usually brought out on weddings, or cold days and mostly for gardening! Modern fashion has pushed back gloves as a necessary part of the complete outfit. Having said that, it is also true that whilst gloves may not be the “in thing” they are certainly ladylike and add to the wearer’s persona and class. If you want to carry on this quintessentially ladylike tradition, then you must know what types of gloves you can wear and when.

During summers and for day parties, wear cotton or nylon short gloves. Go wild with colours and prints. Lace trimmed ook great for races and picnics.

If you are going out to the theatre, or some other city sightseeing, then wear black coloured gloves.

For outings in the country, or a day at the beach, you are best paired with string gloves.

During the winter season, explore leather gloves in different colours (black-brown). Wear them while out on the streets or even while driving. Slightly longer, but fitted leather gloves in a classic style will add grace to your complete outfit. Do not buy leather gloves with any trimming, and always wear them when outdoors. The minute you enter a building, take them off.

For a formal evening dinner, or a cocktail party, compliment your evening dress with a pair of very long black gloves to get that elegant look. To judge the length of the glove, you need choose one suitable for the length of your sleeve. With a sleeveless dress, wear long gloves like opera gloves. For a longer sleeved evening gown, wear an elbow length or shorter glove.

While going to the opera, try to wear gloves in either of these colours- ivory, beige, taupe and any shade of white. These colours are the traditional colours for opera gloves, and you can wear them for any similar formal gathering too like receptions, balls or dinner parties.

Matching the colours with your dress is really important. Never wear black opera gloves with light-coloured dresses. You can wear black gloves with black or dark-coloured dresses.

Never put on gloves in public, step out of the house with your gloves firmly in place. Never eat with your gloves still on. However, you can drink while wearing gloves, as that is an acceptable etiquette.

You can shake hands with your gloves still on. But you cannot play cards while wearing gloves.

Removing the glove before dinner at a party needs to be done discreetly, roll them to the wrist and then pull your hand out of them. Post dinner, always put the gloves back on.