Hand Press Trousers

Not only can everyone learn how to iron, it is also a great way to save money. Unless you are rich, or unlike me and have graduated from college and are enjoying the perks that go along with having a decent salary, money is an issue in every college lifestyle. Purchasing an iron is a great way to save some extra cash instead of going to the dry cleaners. Not many people wear a suit one time and then take it to the cleaners. I have found that if you iron your suit, especially your suit pants, after wearing it you can reduce the cost of going to a cleaner and time it would take to iron if you just hung the suit on a hanger.

A good pair of slacks says a lot about a person. The last thing you want to an interviewer to think is how bad your wrinkly pants looked. A nice clean pressed pair of pants screams organization and that you pay close attention to details. When you look like a million bucks you feel like a million bucks, and it all starts with an outfit.

Before I actually start explaining how to hand press pants, I want to go over some necessary accessories you need. First, you need a temperature adjusting iron with steam, an ironing board or a towel over a cleared off counter or table, distilled water and a couple of small pins. Before plugging in your iron, be sure to pour the water into the compartment on the iron.