Info of Silver Stiletto Heels

Contrary to what many women think, silver stiletto heels can be worn to the office. The trick to having these heels not seem inappropriate is to team them with pant suits. Pant suits have the ability to make you look stylish, polished and professional. They look best with dark suits such as black, dark gray, navy blue, indigo or midnight blue.

Stiletto heels can be found on many styles of shoes from boots to court shoes. You can even find them on gladiator heels. With so many varieties to choose from, silver stilettos should find a way into your collection of shoes. Just as with any other shoes, you can opt for embellishments on your heels if you so choose. From ribbons, beads, laces and even zippers, you can find an appropriate shoe for your outfit.

These can be found not only in your typical shoe stores but also on online stores. Noted designers also usually have plenty of embellishments on their designs of shoes and some of them can be removed if you so prefer. Browsing online stores can provide you with a wide variety of designs to choose from and you may find some that you may never have thought of to buy.

If you are used to wearing stilettos, wearing silver stilettos should be a breeze. However, if this is your first time, you have to practice wearing them around the house before wearing them for the event you bought them for. Practice wearing them a few minutes at a time before moving on to wearing them a couple of hours around the house. Having proper balance is essential when walking on very high heels.

You must also ensure that the heels you purchase are comfortable to wear. Typically, the higher priced shoes have more stability to them and these can be found in most stores. It is a good idea to pay a little extra for comfortable shoes as you don’t want to be tripping yourself up during an event!

Try to buy a pair of shoes that will go with more than one outfit. This way you can wear them for more than one occasion and if you paid a little more for them, this makes it worth the while. To make them more versatile, purchase silver stilettos with not many embellishments. This will make it easier to team with other clothes than those with lots of beads, ribbons, etc.