Knitted Ponchos

Knitted ponchos are being perceived as an exclusive clothing option. The fact that they can either be worn plain or with embellishments like pom-poms tied lends them that unique status. They can be worn with both contrasting as well as with matching tops. You will look good in skinny jeans and a knitted poncho with either solid patterns or the old fashioned granny squares.

Different designs like the zigzag or diamond ones incorporated into medium or long knitted ponchos are being increasingly worn by many youngsters due to their trendy appearance. Moreover since ponchos can be worn at both formal as well as casual occasions, any improvisations related to design or shape is very quickly accepted and lapped up by youngsters looking for that defining change in attire.

Knitted ponchos are being displayed on fashion catwalks by models in both on and off the shoulders styles. The colours and patterns available have got the attention of celebrities who are also promoting them as a viable addition to other types of winter clothing wear.

Knitting a poncho can be a fun project for both beginners as well as advanced knitters. You only need to have basic knitting understanding and can then make use of technology as well as the superb quality of modern yarns to give them the required shape and design. You only need to arrange for the appropriate knitting needles as their sizes would depend on the yarn that you choose. Determination of the right size of needles is achieved by making a test swatch or square. Other basic tools like scissors and measuring tape complete the items you need to start your knitting exercise. Cotton and wool yarns are the ones that are most preferred for their obvious properties of lightness and warmth.

Straight edge ponchos or the ones that are worn diagonally continue to remain the most common styles. Ponchos have their origin in Columbia but they have been able to make an impact quickly in both the US and many parts of Europe over the years. It is quite common to see people wear ponchos as overtops in summers as well and this garment is no longer considered apt only for winter wear.