Long Ties

There are many different reasons to purchase a longer tie, and you don’t need to be seven feet tall to buy them! Of course, men who are very tall will often need to purchase long ties to avoid having the tie dangle too high on their midsections. But men who have a long torso, regardless of their height, may also need to purchase long ties instead of standard ties. Another reason that you may need to purchase long ties is if you are carrying a few extra pounds- short ties emphasize the midsection, making you look larger than you really are. Men who work out often and have thick chests and necks may also look better with extra long tie that give them more length around the neck to work with.

The way you tie your tie may also mean that long ties will work better for you. Many men prefer to use a double Windsor knot or other larger-sized tie knot, which can make a standard length necktie too short. If you usually wear shirts that have a wide collar spread, you will look better when you tie a larger knot, so extra long ties may be the right choice for you.

The good news is that extra long ties are available in as many styles and colors as those made in shorter lengths. When choosing extra long ties, you should keep your body proportions in mind if you are picking patterned ties. If you are a larger guy, you should look for patterns that are also larger, such as wide stripes or another large-scale pattern. On the other hand, if you are a smaller framed guy, you can select more delicate patterns without looking out of proportion.

Choosing a tie that fits your body size and type will help make you look more professional and put together. One way to figure out whether you should purchase extra long ties is to add your total height to the collar size on your shirt. If the total is over ninety, than you will most likely need extra long ties. Finding a tie that fits well and makes you feel great is one way to feel more confident in your appearance no matter where you are going.