Nudie Jeans

Anyone who wears, knows of or are fans of Nudie jeans knows their products are like no other and with every garment they produce you can see and feel the amount of hard work that has gone in to crafting it -Nude pride themselves on the effort and time they put into crafting their collections.

That is what is different with Nudie you know that every pair of jeans are not just another pair of jeans to them, they have been crafted to perfection from the cut to applying the dye.

As I mentioned above, Nudie is not the type of brand that creates ranges after ranges and soon forget about older products, they like to re-use. With Nudie Jeans you don’t just wear them throughout one season; Nudie likes to think your jeans become “A second skin” and are worn season after season, becoming a part of your lifestyle.

The main reason Nudie Jeans stands out to me as a brand, is not because of their sensational jeans, the way their create jeans but rather the fact that they have stayed true to their original philosophy and I get the feeling that… they will stay true to that philosophy throughout the life of Nudie Jeans.