Peep Toe Possibilities

  • Say No To Panty Hose: Okay, I understand what you’re thinking: “My toes are going to be cold!” Here is my response to you. I know that while panty hose may be covering your entire leg down to that chilly little toe that is peeping out, but let’s be honest; they aren’t keeping you much warmer. Need I mention the fact that instead of adding to your style, they take away from it? If you absolutely, one hundred percent, insist on wearing a pair of pantyhose with your new peep toe shoes, I would highly suggest making sure you choose a pair with a seamless toe. Nothing ruins great new shoes like the unsightly addition of pantyhose seems.
  • Try Tights and Leggings: So wearing a shear pair of panty hose is out of the questions, but that doesn’t mean you have to brave the chilly weather a’ natural. Tights and leggings are an excellent way to keep your legs warm and look fashionable at the same time. Since these leg warming sexy seasonal necessities are everywhere in every color and style, you should have no problem matching a pair with your outfit.
  • Stay Warm with Socks: Are you wearing your peep toe shoes and pants? Since we’ve determine panty hose should be out of the question, that rules out sheer knee highs as well. I can also assure you that wearing a pair of tights under your pants is not only unnecessary, but it’s also really uncomfortable. If you’re going to wear your peep toe shoes with a pair of pants, try keep you’re your toes warm with a cute pair of thin socks in a fun color, or a simple cute pattern like polka dots.
  • Pedicured Toes: If weather doesn’t scare you and you’re going to wear you’ll bes showing off your toes, please make sure the toes you’re showing are show stopping. Don’t ruin a cute pair of shoes with less than attractive toes popping through. This means scrub off the dry skin, trim your toe nails, and brush some nail polish across them. If you have the time and the money, treat yourself to a pedicure to get your toes ready for their peep shoe début.
  • Sock Alternatives: One night out sans socks or tights and your feet may be asking for a break. If you’re not afraid to show some toe, but not wearing socks is leaving your feet in agony, try a pair of socks that are specially designed to keep your feet comfortable in shoes that show your toes. Look for socks that fit much like a flip flop, with a small piece of fabric separating your big toe from your other toes. This keeps your toes exposed but the rest of your foot covered to help cut back on friction between your shoe and your skin. offers a great sock alternative called Peek A Boo Liners. These are a great way to keep your feet comfy in peep toe shoes.