Wardrobe Building

Foundation First Starting with a firm foundation it’s always good to know what your “colors” are. It not only allows you to navigate the stores easier, stopping to look at only the items that will look good on you, it’s also freeing.

Select your foundational core neutral color first. Core neutrals colors are black, brown, navy, charcoal, khaki, and white, etc. You will have a couple of core neutral that looks the best on your skin tone and everyone needs the perfect white!

Accent Colors Second Next, select two accent colors that will be fun colors to work with your foundation. Your best accent colors are those that you are naturally drawn to and complement your personal body’s skin tone. Only have a 1-2, maybe 3 colors at most in your closet and have those colors in multiple pieces. Be sure that you stick to accent color families that complement your skin tone and start first with solid textures. Then add a few patterned tops.

Accessories Third Jewelry is the ‘icing on the cake’ and you should always think in terms of 3 layers when dressing… core… accent…accessories. Accessories can take you from date night to weekend and even through the week if well placed in worn with intention. IF you are wondering what accent to choose, why not start with the shade or tone in your hair? Relating color to a color on your body such as your hair color is a harmonious trick. Buy your handbag in this color and perhaps a pashmina. Then you’ll find that you are well coordinated for dressing up your jeans or dressing down a suit!. Add your shoes in neutral colors first. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

What’s Your Approach to Wardrobe Building

How about you? When you are cleaning your closet, how do you approach removing and planning for the season? Are you ruthless about removing what no longer works or do you keep some pieces because they hold emotion in them? Learn more about the best way to clean a closet.

Try removing anything from your wardrobe that holds negative emotion or energy. At the very least take it to another closet and get it out of your mind’s eye and see what happens next. You may feel that you can finally “let it go”.

Whatever you start with, see it through to the end of the season and you’ll begin to see the value in creating a wardrobe with substance and value.