Womens Twin Set

Studies have shown that when you dress well, it shows in your confidence and that is also going to help you become more productive. It does not matter whether you are a working woman travelling everyday to office or working from home, you have to look and feel good to be able to accomplish your objectives for the day.

But in these times of economic uncertainty and pay cuts as well as job losses, spending regularly on your wardrobe may not be practical and may also be not possible. You need to be able to achieve more with less and that is where the womens twin set comes across as a wonderful and viable option.

As mentioned above, dressing well matters and even when you are working from home, you need to be always presentable to be able to quickly meet up with a client either within your home office or outside or even a friend. The womens twin set worn over trousers, jeans or skirt gives you that always well dressed appearance for both formal and casual occasions. This outfit does not require costly accessories to make it look good and you can combine it with your collection of skirts, trousers or jeans to have a contrasting or matching appearance.

Womens twin set was considered rather old fashioned many years back mainly due to the lack of colour and pattern. You therefore did not find many working women wearing them and the garment itself was perceived to be more suited to high society ladies.

Consequently, despite celebrities and movie stars wearing this outfit rather regularly in movies as well as at events, the common woman still did not find it appropriate enough for office wear and that trend continued for many years even leading to this outfit running out of favour for a lengthy period in the late seventies and eighties.

However, the nineties saw its introduction again by fashion designers who combined it creatively with skirts. This look encouraged women to start wearing it for parties and very soon modern day women twin set combinations got transformed into glorious mixes of dashing colours and varied patterns. They went ahead and embellished this look further by adding certain accessories like a beaded necklace or sequins.