Month: November 2019

Cashmere Twinset

It would seem paradoxical that I am recommending a cashmere twinset when I am talking of hard times in the same breath. There is however a different perspective I come from and that is when you add something of high quality like the cashmere twinset, despite its relatively higher cost, you would be compensating other stuff that you would buy in more quantity and at lesser prices. That is because a cashmere twinset truly stands out and creates an impression that other items cannot.

First of all, this is one clothing item that can be worn with trousers, skirts and even jeans. You thus have an upper garment that can be intelligently combined with any of your trousers, skirts or jeans to be able to present a new look each time. The twinset is a sweater and top that first popular in the 1940s. In those days, there was not much colour or variety and they were not considered apt … Read the rest

Easy on the Feet

  • Ecco. Aside from making comfortable shoes, Ecco is also known for being trendy and stylish. They offer different shoe styles that you can wear in casual, business and outdoors as well.
  • Dansko. Dansko shoes are designed with a practical styling and ultimately comfort for your feet. They have various shoe designs for boots as well as sandals and clogs.
  • New Balance. The name itself suggests an air of sophistication in shoe engineering. True to its name, New Balance prioritizes technology in shoe making. Their shoe engineers adhere to the importance of proper fit and promise that each shoe is right for every activity whether it is motion control that you need or extra support. Known for making sports shoes, New Balance offers different styles of shoes for walking, running, training, basketball, tennis and others.
  • Birkenstock. A brand that has gained the confidence of the market over the years, Birkenstock is known for providing proper arch support, deep heel cups, raised
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Womens Knitwear

Womens knitwear has indeed made great strides. The realisation that they are losing out to the more glamorous synthetic materials in a world obsessed with external looks and sophistication has woken up the knitwear industry. They have quickly come out with products that make great use of wool, cotton for providing the utility and necessary embellishments to make them stand out as well as compete effectively with other clothing items.

You can thus find womens knitwear products comprising of jackets, cardigans, shawls, vests and many others. Remember that these are items that are always sought after by consumers, thanks to the wonderful variety of colours, patterns and sizes made available by makers using wool, cashmere and other such material. For knitwear to compete effectively for merchandising space in department stores as well as in fashion boutiques, it has to be perceived to be as stylish and sophisticated.

Knitwear clothing manufacturers have identified the rich opportunity they have in front of … Read the rest

Platform Shoes

The standard platform shoe has a higher heel at the rear, with a support base that is also lifted in the front. Because of this, they are easy to balance on. You have a higher heel possible without the acute angle of a spike heel. The platforms are sometimes glass, but are also available in finishes like wood and leather to name just a few. You can be very trendy with platform heels, and it’s a super-chic look.

Platforms are regularly featured on the catwalk at fashion shows, but are now commonly found in everyday life as well. Most college women have at least one pair, and they are popular with professional women as well. To be in style, platforms are almost a requirement.

You may be surprised at the history of this type of footwear. Platforms first became popular in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. They were worn by both men and women. Platforms aren’t just women’s … Read the rest

Bloch Shoes

All of us will agree that this form of dance holds the attention of the audience, thanks to the power and grace with which the dancer performs. It is possible to achieve this class, style and graceful movements if the right shoes are worn. Successful and experienced artists accord a lot of importance to ballet movements which can be beautifully done only when the right accessories are worn. Ballet shoes are one such important accessory which helps the dancer in performing the dances with discipline and precision.

Expertise can be achieved only when hours of rigorous practice go into these dance forms and hence it is imperative the right shoes be worn that lends comfort to the dancer. Viewers will not only notice the graceful movements with which the dancer performs but the feet of the ballerina as well. Ballet is a form of dance which calls for a lot of feet movements and lot of pressure on the feet. … Read the rest

Life Stride Shoes


Breathable fabric shoes are ideal for summers. If you take heavy leather and suede shoes, chances are you will spoil the skin on your feet. Like you, your feet also need to get air during the scorching heat, so air these by getting thin fabric shoes.


Summer shoes are available in open style so that your feet are not packed in for sweating and suffocating. Choose open style shoes so that you feel the air on your feet. Cutouts, toe-peep and such shoes are more in fashion.


For summers, choose light colors such as pink, yellow, blue, orange and white. Avoid dark shades since they absorb heat.


This feature should be checked while buying any type of shoes – – formal or informal and summer or winter. Comfort is important because without comfort you would not want to wear the pair. Comfort can be checked through the inner cushioning of the shoes and the size of … Read the rest

Maintain Leather Shoes

The first and a very important tip to maintain a leather shoe is that always have two pairs of leather shoes, so that you can use it alternatively. Thus the usage is shared, increasing the life of both the shoes. Due to the constant usage of the shoe, the moisture of the skin may get deposited in the inner sides of the shoe, which leads to the shrinking of the leather. So, everyday after using the shoe just remove it and allow it to dry on a cedar shoe tree. A cedar shoe tree is usually made of wood, which should be kept inside the shoe. This absorbs the moisture from the shoe and keeps it dry and it also keeps the shoe in shape.

Apart from that, cleaning aspect is also very important. A leather shoe must be cleaned everyday and thus it allows the leather to breathe. It should be cleaned using a saddle soap. A saddle soap … Read the rest

Bikini Breakdown

  • DON’T PUT IT OFF. Don’t leave it to the last minute otherwise you’re putting added pressure on yourself to find the perfect fit. Our body shapes vary and so do swimsuits. There is a perfect fit out there for you that will make you look amazing.
  • HOW TO PREPARE. You need to get to grips with your body before you can be honest with your bikini choices. Painful as it may be, find a full length mirror, bright light and a dose of honesty. If your bum looks big, how about that tiny waist of yours, or perhaps your amazing breasts…what about those shapely legs? Know your quirks and you’re halfway to triumph.
  • THE MIRROR. Ah, the tyranny of the changing room mirror. There’s nowhere to hide under that harsh light. Every vein, cellulite dimple, sag and wrinkle suddenly appears magnified. But did you know most women tend to overestimate their size when they look in the mirror? Faults only
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Petite Blazers

Many styles and colors are available to suit anyone’s tastes. Darker colors, such as black or grey, are the more common choice for a lot of people.

The impact that petite blazers can have on your appearance is that the can make you look sharp. Even if you’re wearing a t-shirt, you can put on a blazer to give yourself a smart look.

So what are petite blazers commonly made from?

  • Wool can keep you warm on those cold wintry days; this fact alone makes wool a popular choice for the elderly.
  • Flannel is quite a soft material which is also warm, a bit lighter than wool, and can easily have any design or patterning.
  • Cotton is perhaps one of the most used fabrics when it comes to producing petite blazers. The designs and colors are infinite, along with it being strong and durable.
  • Nylon and polyester are both long lasting, man made fabrics known for being breathable and warm.
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