About Red Court Shoes

Many people don’t know that red court shoes can be worn with all kinds and styles of clothes. You can see women wearing them with all lengths of skirts and dresses, with office clothes, jeans, shorts, Capri’s and such. Since they are very versatile, wearing them to that all important dinner straight from the office is not a problem at all. With a red pair, you can wear them with tan, black, dark blue, gray and even white outfits. A good pair of red leather court shoes can be a good investment and will last you many years if taken care of properly.

You can find them in various heights where heels are concerned. From kitten heels to those that are over 3 inches, you are most definitely spoiled for choice. Predictably, women tend to instinctively wear black or neutral shades with outfits that are tan colored. Although this looks good, a better choice perhaps would be to wear a red pair of court shoes. The type of shade chosen can be either dramatic or subdued. For instance, a patent leather red shoe would certainly put focus on your shoe whilst a plain leather or suede one would be muted but chic at the same time.

With many department stores having court shoes in stock, there really shouldn’t be a problem finding the right shade of red that is just right for you. Most of the stores have an online presence these days and you can browse their catalogs from the comfort of your home.

You may discover when you decide upon a pair of red court shoes that it may not fit perfectly. That could be for a variety of reasons ranging from having bunions to having a very high arch. This can be solved quite easily with a good quality pair of insoles or any of the other types of padding you can find. These are made specifically for certain problems and it is important that you buy good quality ones. Insert them into the shoes as directed and you may very well find that the problem of discomfort you had being resolved very effectively.

Red court shoes really are a very exciting addition to the colors you already have. There are so many styles and designs that come out every season and you really can find one that fits your style and personality. Try them on and you’ll be surprised how well they can complement your many outfits.