Accessorize Ladies Sandals

Showing off a nice pedicure is very easy in a pair of open toe sandals. Now, depending on how much you like changing your nail color or if it’s just for a particular occasion say a wedding or class reunion or something like that, then coordinating the color of your sandals with that of your pedicure is an extremely attractive and sexy way of bringing out the style of your sandals. You are sure to get many complements from the guys as well as the ladies at your event.

Toe rings add a bit of intrigue and drama to your sandals. Whether you choose a soft looking toe ring with just a bit of bling to it or more of a Gothic type of toe ring, it’s sure to raise a couple of eyebrows but more importantly, it’s guaranteed to bring attention to your sandals that you so meticulously picked out.

Ankle jewelry is another way to emphasize the sexiness of a nice pair of ladies sandals. A dainty anklet surely adds to the sex appeal of your sandals. Luckily for us these days’ anklets come in gold, silver, platinum, shiny or dulled down for effect. You can also get a very nice ankle bracelet in all different colors especially if you look at the beaded anklets, the possibilities are endless.

Another accessory that continues to gain popularity if you dare is the tattoo. This is an area where you can be as bold or as subdued as you want to be. If you are a wild and crazy kind of girl you can go all out with a big bold bodacious tattoo. The type that announces to the world that you don’t mind the attention, which is why you have on the six inch stilettos. On the other hand, maybe you just want something that’s more of a tease. Maybe the tiger on the ankle is not how you want to express yourself but a nice delicate flower flowing down to a soft but sweet pair of ladies sandals is more of the way you choose to make your statement. Either way would be great.

So as we have found out, ladies sandals can be worn and accessorized in a variety of different ways to bring out and enhance their allure. Ladies, however you feel like doing it, take a chance and just go out and accessorize!