Bikini Breakdown

  • DON’T PUT IT OFF. Don’t leave it to the last minute otherwise you’re putting added pressure on yourself to find the perfect fit. Our body shapes vary and so do swimsuits. There is a perfect fit out there for you that will make you look amazing.
  • HOW TO PREPARE. You need to get to grips with your body before you can be honest with your bikini choices. Painful as it may be, find a full length mirror, bright light and a dose of honesty. If your bum looks big, how about that tiny waist of yours, or perhaps your amazing breasts…what about those shapely legs? Know your quirks and you’re halfway to triumph.
  • THE MIRROR. Ah, the tyranny of the changing room mirror. There’s nowhere to hide under that harsh light. Every vein, cellulite dimple, sag and wrinkle suddenly appears magnified. But did you know most women tend to overestimate their size when they look in the mirror? Faults only tend to be glaringly obvious to us. No one else will be zooming in on a particular body part….and if they are, it’s because they’re envious.
  • THE FIT. Of absolute importance – more than style or the depth of your tan – is how your swimwear fits. Swimwear needs to fit to do the job properly. Bigger breasts? Supportive underwiring is essential. Brands like Freya do an amazing job at this. Bigger bottom? Tie-sides can be kinder to a bigger bottom, wide-side retro-style bikini bottoms have the capacity to contain, bold and bright patterns should be avoided. Try Australian swimwear labels Seventh Wonderland and Zimmermann. Problem stomach? Thick waistbands work wonders, sitting flat against the skin rather than digging in, mid-way waisted rather than high-waisted are the most flattering options. Flat chest? Oh please, what are you worrying about. A small firm chest is an asset on the beach. You can wear string bikinis, strapless tops, bold patterns. No shape? A cut-out swimsuit is just for you to give the illusion of curves.
  • THE FASHION. Do not be afraid to accessorize with a kaftan, wrap, skirt or shirt to hide those problem areas if you still feel insecure. This is your opportunity to stamp your style. Everyone will be so in awe of your beach wardrobe, they won’t notice the lack of your 6-pack abs.