Camper Footwear

To be fair, such expectations have been raised by the footwear brands themselves. Each one has been trying to surpass the other in terms of offering more and more to the consumers. The product excellence bar is being regularly raised higher and higher with some of the top brands being able to consistently deliver as per consumer expectations. Camper footwear is one of those brands that has been around for more than three decades and therefore knows exactly what consumers expect.

Camper footwear, since its inception has been quick to identify the requirements of consumers. This approach has helped them expand into many European, US and Asian markets. The expansion strategy involved not only opening up stores in prominent cities but also tying up with other major stores having sufficient footfall traffic and incentivising them to sell products of this brand too.

It was not difficult for Campers footwear to make a mark immediately. The primary reason can be attributed to the versatility and durability of the footwear. They were able to come out with light weight shoes with sturdy soles, which made them ideal for usage for long hours outdoors without feeling any strain or discomfort. People used to hiking, jogging found these shoes to be just perfect for them.

The shoes provided excellent grip and the homogenous stitching of the seams and liners made the shoes a very compact and durable item. This feature has been the main reason for sportsmen, yachtsmen and sailors choosing this brand over others. They discovered that there was no chance of a split in any section of the shoes despite strenuous activity.

This impressive quality of these shoes was appreciated by others as well. They found these shoes to be so comfortable that they began sporting it for everyday use as well. Campers were thus able to create a deep and positive impression due to the spinoff effect. The other element is the styling of these shoes. Both contemporary and retro styling along with a great infusion of colours makes these shoes really stand out.

Camper footwear is also reasonably priced. It represents great value for money for all the excellent features it possesses. The brand comes out with regular seasonal collections for women and children as well. Women have access to a wide range of colours. Children have models that are available in both lace and Velcro types, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.