Chie Mihara Boots

Just a brief background of Chie Mihara – the designer would be in order here. She cut her fashion designing teeth in her teen years when working for a Japanese designer. This prepared her for the more extensive course in fashion technology that she completed at New York. It was this knowledge combined with her brief working experience at a store which created special orthopedic shoes that gave her the impetus to pursue her dream of designing shoes.

Chie Mihara was very clear that she would make designs that would appeal to women. She started creating each pair with that in mind not forgetting that her creations must also never compromise on the comfort factor. She therefore incorporated a foot bed in each of her creations that presented great comfort to women with narrow feet. She was well aware of the issues that such women faced and this was just one example of how deeply she had studied the market.

Chie Mihara boots are available in a wide spectrum of colours as well as patterns. The designer made her creations easy to access through online stores as well as through retailers spread across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. She puts in a lot of research and effort into her designs and her sources of inspiration come from art galleries, vintage collections, museums and books. The effort is to combine eclectic styles with functionality and comfort and each of the designs go through much iteration before being approved and sent to the factory for production.

Chie Mihara boots make use of a lot of conventional fabric material and bright colours. She knows that women in particular would like to have footwear accessories that complement their wardrobes. This has led to the introduction of many funky colours which the designer has not been afraid to experiment with.

Apart from the colours used, Chie Mihara footwear could make an impression on consumers due to the wide variety of styles. Some of them include names like Caristi, Jinder, Nilon, and Iona and so on. Each of these styles was able to win over the hearts of consumers in the countries mentioned above mainly due to the fact that they addressed all basic requirements wonderfully well. Women found that they could buy formal as well as casual footwear in the colours and patterns they needed from one brand and that made them loyal customers.

Chie Mihara boots is one more brand that has been able to blend style with comfort and a lady designer has been truly able to make a profound impact on the footwear industry.