Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Desert Boots Origins of Design

The Desert Boot is a classic design inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in WWII. The moccasin design is crafted for comfort allowing the wearer maximum toe spread. (It sounds funny, but consider how good that feels!)

The style and cut make the Clark Original Desert Boot great for all-day everyday wear (and tear.) Thick grained leather soles make these a great all-terrain boot as well as a shoe for the The rubber outsole provides slip-resistant, shock-absorbing traction for everyday use inside or out.

Trek the city all day without ever hearing the dogs barking! A wearer recommended even wearing them in the shower! Why? Check out the durability-and when they dry, they’re the most comfortable boot you’ll ever wrap your foot around!

For those concerned about scuffs, look into the darker color suede’s as they may be easier to maintain. Simple problems with simple solutions!

How Long Does a Clarks Desert Boot Last?

Talk to anyone who owns a pair of Clark boots: They last forever!! The boots are made of high-quality leather and suede and with regular maintenance can last a lifetime. In Rain, shine, rock, gravel, the Clarks Men’s Desert boot only gets better.

Their stylish design makes them great for casual pants on Friday or jeans on the weekend.

Clarks Desert Boots Many Colors

If the many ways you could wear them weren’t enough, the variety of styles and colors will blow your mind!

A Beeswax Leather adds a golden honey color to a dark brown leather core is a popular choice amongst men. (The color is almost that of a church pew) The suede ranges from shades in grey and black to browns and a sultry sandy color.