Crop Top

If you want to reveal that shapely navel, low-rise pants would do with a brusquely cropped top. However, if you want it covered as much as possible, Elan Clothing also has options for a full cover. Anyways, you can always go for high-waisted pants or skirts to do such honors. Comfortable casual dresses are required at the gym though.

If you have a wonderfully toned body, you can experiment with this tight variant of casual clothing. You shouldn’t lose hope even if its not so; there are many kinds of flowing and loose curtailed tops that end up just on the belly.

You can create a stir by teaming your flaming blue casual tops with a white short pant. A broad black leather belt will complete the smoldering picture. However it requires bravery to catch such attention. Faded jeans or tight Elan Clothing trousers fit in rather well with this casual wear. Else, you can go for three-quarters teamed with stilettos, anklets and a matching clutch. Just choose the patterns and matching wisely.

One great thing about crop top is that you can experiment with your hair and it gets noticed. If the neckline is decent, you can have a bun. If the casual clothing is frayed at the edges, you can leave it flowing down. You can also wear sandals with crop top and jeans; the effect comes out just nicely.

Just keep in mind that with a crop top, there is a thin line between raunchy and ravishing. You cannot go too low with your pants with such a top. You might wear beads over this Elan International stuff and prime it up with a nose stud. It almost gains ethnic status that way!

Cropped tops were a rage when Britney Spears was going good. It looks like the fashion has arrived with many celebrities trying different codes. A well-cut top seems just nice over a tapering and tight black pant and branded shoes. It is wise to keep the abdomen toned to charm the viewers. Wear them with Elan and have fun under the Sun.