Deck Shoes

Boat shoes were first introduced as a means of providing added grip on slippery surfaces. It does this by utilizing a specific sole pattern that enhances grip in these types of conditions. Its invention coincided with advances in rubber technology. Without these advances, “sipping” patterns on the sole are simply not possible. In terms of styling, the basic design of the shoe borrowed heavily from moccasins. While they were considered a niche product in the past, they are now carried by a large variety of brands on the market today.

Traditionally, they were created from one-piece leather, which is sewn from the top. What sets this shoe apart from the rest when it comes to materials is the way it is treated during production. The soles and leather uppers are all treated with certain oils and chemicals that make them naturally water resistant. Unlike pure rubber boots however, they are not 100% waterproof. It sacrifices some functionality for modern styling cues.

It took quite some time since its invention to be considered appropriate wear for casual occasions. The one brand of deck shoes that really paved the way to its entrance to the rest of the shoe market is the classic Topsider. Topsider’s are a line of boat shoes created by the inventor of deck shoes, Paul Sperry. It seen as the ultimate in boat shoe footwear in much the same way that Converse All-Star sneakers were once considered the premier brand for basket ball shoes.

They match just about anything and are a good pair of shoes to have on the shoe rack. They do best when matched with jeans or trousers. They are traditionally worn without any socks but things have been changing in that regard. For those that prefer to wear them without any socks, there are a few varieties on the market that have added cushioning that gives added comfort to your feet. It must be said that they are strictly casual footwear. In that respect they are just as comfortable and fashionable than your regular pair of loafers or sneakers.