Designs for Graphic Tees

Something Simple

When coming up with a design for the shirt, it is important for the people in charge to think about simplicity. While they may like a few images and would prefer to use all of them at once, this can prove overwhelming. People that look at the shirt will not know what the focus is, and they may become confused. A person should not have to step right up to the shirt in order to see everything; a good design can be enjoyed from several feet away.

Colors That Do Not Overwhelm

Some people believe that designing a graphic shirt means using very bright colors. This is an especially strong thought when it comes to shirts that will be worn by a group of people to help them identify each other in a crowd. However, the colors should not be too strong. If the person wearing the shirt should stay within tight spaces, the person next to them may not be happy. Certain shades can even hurt the eyes, and this should be kept in mind. If for business purposes, it does the business little good if a person cannot even make out their logo.

Messages That Do Not Offend Customers

If a business wants to achieve the best kind of design, they should make sure that the content would not be seen as offensive. Many customers are offended easily, and should they be offended they may take their money and time elsewhere. The business should be very aware of the image they are trying to project, and if a graphic design would go against that. Each step of the design and printing process should be checked often for mistakes; doing this can save a business a lot of time and money in the process.

Something That People Will Want To Wear

Most of all, the graphic design that is developed for the shirt should be something that people would like to show off. The shirt should not simply contain the company logo; it should give people a reason to want to wear it as they go about their daily lives. It should be attractive and practical, allowing people to wear it for many different occasions. Unless the shirt is being designed for one person, something that could hold mass appeal is important. If a person is not sure, they should ask the people around them for ideas or feedback.