Dressing for Curvy Woman

  • Empire Waist – If you have never heard of an empire waist, then the first you should know about it is the plus size woman’s best friend in the wardrobe. This design is actually hundreds of years old as ‘Empire’ in the Empire Waist actually refers to the First French Empire. What this design does is position the waist of the dress just below the bust. The effect is about accentuating and directing focus. First it highlights the bust as one of your positive feminine features. By drawing the eye to this area is naturally skims over everything below creating shape and the illusion of body length. What this means for you is that a Empire Waist dress will feature your bust (often a plus size woman’s best asset), reduce the appearance of your hips and stomach area while creating the illusion of a longer and more balanced body shape all at the same time.
  • Color – The days of bad floral prints that belong in the 50’s are long gone. One of the simplest styling tips is to use color well. If you are looking forward to a night on the town, start with a simple black dress and pair it with something vibrant. A bright highlight with a belt or light jacket will provide a contrast that will be sure to get the attention you deserve.
  • Belts – Dressing is all about creating the shape and size you want. Sometimes that shape and size is real (or at least accentuating your best features). And sometimes it is about creating an illusion. And what better way to create the illusion of a shaped waist than with a belt. If your clothes are hanging a little loose, a belt will gather in the fabric to create a relaxed curve. Belts can be used in any situation as long as you put some thought into it. Going out on a casual date? Why not pair a good t-shirt with a wide belt. If it is cool, add a shrug or cardigan for some warmth during the day. Want to look your best at night? Pair your favorite black dress with a high gloss wide black belt for that instant wow factor.
  • Shape-wear – There are no rules when it comes to dressing so why not invest is some good shape-wear and bras. Wearing clothes that shape your body while still feeling comfortable is great for feeling sexy. To smooth out some features you want to minimize, think about some shape wear around your hips or bust.