Dressing On A Budget

First, you must understand that style changes constantly. Unless you are able to buy the newest trends every season, you need to ditch the mentality that you need to have what’s currently in all the high end stores right now. We’ve all made the mistake of splurging on a trendy piece of clothing, only to wear it a few times and then have it sit in the back of the closet. Instead, invest in good quality classic pieces that never go out of style. Things like black skirts, simple cardigan sweaters, good fitting jeans and quality leather are examples of clothes that you will wear over and over again and will never go out of style.

Buy wholesale. If you have certain pieces that you love, you can save by buying them in bulk. Certain pieces, like cardigan sweaters and t-shirts and other wholesale fashion clothing, can be found in many different styles online. Buying them all at once will keep your closet full of staple items that can go with any outfit.

Don’t buy something because of the name brand. Many people make this mistake, thinking that since it is a well known name, it must be good quality. Designers are constantly making fashion flops, so don’t be a sucker by buying something just because it has a designer label on it. Instead, buy items you really like. Don’t think about what’s in style or what someone else likes. In the end, if you don’t feel 100% good about it, then you won’t be wearing it often. You will spend much more on designer clothes that may not be worth it.

Shop at thrift stores. With a little time and patience, you can find amazing and unique pieces at thrift stores. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You don’t have to rely on designers and stylists to make the trends. Have some fun and go with your gut feeling. If it fits well and looks good on you, then don’t be afraid to get it just because it’s not the latest trend.

Recycle what’s in your wardrobe. Wear old pieces with new pieces. Be creative. If you’re tired of some of the clothes in your closet, changing it up with another item will make it feel new again. Wear a blazer on top of a dress you’ve had for a while, or dress it up with some new accessories.