Dressing To Look Slimmer

It’s not a lie – black does make you look thinner. Wear an all black suit with a different color shirt under the jacket, and accessorize with jewelry and hair accessories. A suit can also make you look thinner, but only if it’s the right size. Get a size that you can breathe well in and feel comfortable walking and sitting in. If you can’t sit down without your tummy bulging out, then it’s not the right size for you.

It’s all about the details. Take the attention away from your problem areas and draw attention to your face, hair and neck. Keep your make up and hair fresh and exciting, and accessorize with necklaces, beads and earrings. Feathers in the hair are a big trend right now, so buy a bunch of different kinds and wear them with different outfits. A brightly colored feather in the hair, or any bright accessory adds a nice touch to an all black outfit. Get accessories and other wholesale women’s clothing that you like and wear often in bulk – it saves money and the headache of going to the mall.

Know your problem areas. If you’re more pear shaped and have big hips and thighs, you want to cover up that area with a long shirt or a flowy dress. Dark colored jeans with large pockets on the back will make your hips and butt look smaller. If you’re bottom heavy but don’t have a big belly, you could do well in an empire waist dress or skirt, with a large belt. This kind of dress sits right below your bust line, which is the smallest part of your body.

If you’re more apple shaped and are heavier around the middle, make sure all your pants and skirts are the right size. Avoid any tight clothes as they will draw more attention to your belly. Go for a wrap dress. The bow will help hide your belly. Get one in a stretchy jersey material for the most comfort. Finish off the look with a great pair of stiletto heels, which will make your legs appear longer and thinner. Women who are middle heavy should not wear empire waist dresses or skirts, as they usually make you look pregnant.