Good Coat

The thing is that when you speak of winter coats you are covering a wide variety of garments from a long wool winter coat to a down ski jacket and all in between. And frankly, you should have several different winter coats in your closet to be ready not only for the surprises of winter weather but also to fit the event. It really doesn’t seem terribly trendy to see you step out of your limo in a long formal and be wearing a short puffer coat.

I’ll cover three main types of winter coat – the warm wool coat, the waterproof trench coat and the short walking coat (I used to call them car coats).

The long warm wool winter coats are the ones I really love. The problem is they are few and far between. That old Brit house, Burberry, which has been occupied making itself over lately, has a couple I like. You could look over the Nordstrom line (incidentally that new look for their online catalog really doesn’t turn me on! Very hard to negotiate. Anyone else having the same problem?). But I did find this Ellen Tracy A-Line Wool Blend Coat. I liked it in plum but there are several color choices. I thought it very reasonable at $198. One reviewer says “Soft, flexible and comfortable. Something to throw on without thinking and a little on the casual side”. I like that aspect!

Turning to the waterproof trenches also at Nordstrom – this one is by Calvin Klein a Double Breasted Trench and is nice and long – actually below the knees. Also the cost is right at $149 (a third off).

Last but probably not least because it’s likely to get the most use, the short walking coat. M60 Miss Sixty Faux Fur Trim Parka. It has a satiny look and comes in spruce (brown to you!). Priced at $98.90, also at 33.3% off.

Well anyway there are some ideas and if you bought three of them you’d be set for all conditions and events. All three should withstand some frequent wear and look great all season long. And you wouldn’t be spending a fortune!