Jersey Sweater

Versatility of a jersey sweater

A jersey dress can be worn in different seasons. Sweater dresses made of wool are perfect clothing for the bleak winter months. You can wear them over other dresses and be ready to take on the winter.
Summer months call for special garments that are light, snug and make you look cool. Jersey tops can be your safe bet for summer days. These light weight sweaters are not only comfortable but are easy on your budget also.

The same sweater can be layered with other dresses for a new look. Worm with dresses like t-shirts and jeans the jersey can be truly versatile.

Jersey sweaters come in a variety of designs to suit your taste. V-neck jerseys are perfect for brunch dates or early lunch meetings. You can go for draped collars or even draped sleeves. Again, jerseys when paired with A-line skirts lend a feline charm to the appearance.

Men or women – a jersey sweater is for everyone

A sweater made of cotton jersey can be a girl’s ultimate choice for a girly party. Team it with trousers or skirts and wear funky jewelry pieces to grab attention.

Would-be mothers find it difficult to decide their clothing. They have conflicting needs. Their dresses must be light, comfortable and stylish. The budget also has to be considered. Jersey can be the perfect choice when it comes to maternity clothing. Stock up a few of them in different colors and designs. Available in stretchy fabric the jerseys grow with you and you do not have to worry about revamping your wardrobe every few months.

Women who want to flatter their figures can wear jersey tops that have curves.

Men can also have their share of glamour in jersey clothes. Available in plain colors, these sweaters can make them look stylish and feel comfortable. Cotton jersey is very soft and easy to wear. You can get simple v-neck sweaters, long-sleeve jerseys and pull overs. They can be integrated to create multiple looks. You only have to be creative and looking good will come easy to you.

A jersey sweater with small collar can be the ideal casual wear for a stag party. Even for your prom night you can pick a jersey outfit and make sure to garner attention.