Mens Flared Jeans

Many years ago, men’s hair were the same as women’s hair and the longer the hair, the cooler you are. Low hip pants for freedom were famous and then the famed bell bottom and flare came to town. 60s and 70s were the time of rock music to boom and pop-culture was on the loose. With this in line, wearing flared jeans is the coolest.

Well, if you are not after the cool projection of yourself and love, peace and joy are out of your league, then you can still enjoy mens flared jeans for walking freely and comfortably. Having these less tight jeans will surely give you the ultimate comfort wherever you are, whatever you do. You have a choice since fashions are mixing. You can have baggy pants hanging to your knees but very much fit for your figure.

You may choose from several brands from Levi to Wrangler and Diesel. With each brand come various colors. The style is both accepted by men and women, and you can use it whenever you want and get the style without losing your dignity. It is cool to be on fire!

Let us look at the history of these burning jeans and understand the style these jeans can offer. The use of bell-bottoms started by the US Navy during the 19th century and the idea of loose-fitting jeans hit the late 1960s like a storm, especially for women in the USA. During the 19070 and 80s, flared jeans became popular to both men and women.

Hippie culture in the 1960s adapted these jeans and became part of the craze. Mens flared jeans came with tye-dye shirts for the “Peace, Joy and Love” fanatics of the 60s. Some songs were even written to promote the famous flared jeans.

Let us now remember how such burning jeans started. The US Navy introduced the pants to the society until women in the 60s appreciated the jeans as part of the popular culture until the 80s. by 1970s both men and women like flared jeans. In the 90s, a copy of the flared jeans was born but it seemed not to be very similar to the pants of the hippie culture.