Oversize Sweater

To look ravishing, however, you need to be innovative. An oversize sweater is not for the faint-hearted. In most cases, you will see the sleeves dangling from your arms. Fold or crease them frantically to make it look cool on your arms and let the colors do all the talking. You can opt for skin-fit jeans if you are the adventurous kind. Only, that kind of look goes well with a layered sweater. Again, you would only accentuate them with those classic pumps or stilettos. You can wear faded jeans with flats or opt for vintage pants and faux leather wedges. There are so many options with oversized sweaters that you will be full of ideas even before you start.

Of course, the best combination with an oversize sweater is a pair of black leggings. Cargo boots again accentuate and take this stylish pair to a greater altitude. You can also experiment with daring denim or linen shorts if it is a half-sleeve sweater.

Accessories should be minimal with such dresses. A statement neck piece or a pearl anklet would do justice. Clutches, again, are remarkable accessories whether you are heading off to work or a brunch date. If you have a daring heart, then options are plenty. Leopard skin or snake leather clutches are in vogue and almost every girl desires at least one of them as their wardrobe essentials. Belts can create mind-blowing effects as well. You can simply accessorize your sweater with a broad red or black leather belt and see the most dramatic transformation ever.

Women who live by fashion also opt for flowing gowns over an oversize sweater. To popularize that look, either your sweater or your gown should be printed or they should stand in stark contrast. Nothing beats the black-blue or white-black combo but trying out other colors will do no harm.

One of the best things about sweaters is that you can go absolutely comfortable with casual wear or formal shirts. They would not be visible unless there is a slit or it is an off-shoulder outfit. This is a boon for plump women and to go by the fact, they actually look better with misfit sweaters than slimmer ones. If the shade is monochromatic, you may also choose to go for a long sweater.