Designer Wedding Shoes

Comfortable Bridal Shoe Choices

Today every bride wants to aim at having something that is both stylish and comfortable. Whether the wedding is in the church or on the beach, brides want to have easy footwear for their special day. If you have been thinking about your special day, you can choose from Giuseppe Zanotti, Stuart Weitzman, or Kate Spade. Depending on your choice, you can search for the options like high heels, mid heels, and low heels to show style while conveniently participating in the celebration.

Categories to Choose

  • High Heels: They look elegant and usually feature leather linings, padded footbeds, and adjustable buckles to enhance your looks.
  • Mid Heels: These fashionable shoes are neither too high nor too short. They look beautiful on any height and figure.
  • Low Heels: These comfortable shoes make a best option for the brides that love to adore flat footwear.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Wedding shoes

  • Venue: Make sure to choose
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Deciding on Girls Shoes

Little girls begin early in their desire to look good, even though they don’t understand fashion when they are that young. Having pretty shoes is as important at a young age as ever. Shoe makers create a variety of shoes that look good and protect the girls feet at the same time.

Parents and guardians will often choose toddler shoes with style in mind. The choices are almost endless, for both dress and casual shoes. Many adult shoe styles are available for toddlers. Of course, some classic styles, like Mary Janes and patent leather shoes are available.

Shoes that meet different needs, such as athletic shoes, boots, slip on shoes and sandals, are also on the market for toddlers. Parents can choose from a variety of booties and shoes with style and simplicity for infant girls so that they look good and yet are easy to put on the little girl.

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Look for When Buying Trendy Boots

First, look at your budget. Some boots can be pretty expensive, well over one to two hundred dollars. And some boots are more in the line of affordable shoes, ranging in the $45 to $80 range. So consider the budget. A higher price does not always mean higher quality; often you are just paying for the brand name.

Look at the make of the boot, particularly if the bottom is made well. Boots are made for walking and a lot of walking can wear through some heels very quickly. You want to make sure there’s both good traction and the heel is sturdy, especially for high heel boots. The last thing you want is one breaking off!

Consider the shaft of the boot, especially if you or the person you are buying for has particularly thinner or thicker legs. Boots are often made somewhere in the middle, but others have narrow shafts or wider calves to accommodate. Check out the … Read the rest

Girls Mary Jane Shoes

Typical girls Mary Jane shoes are flat, with a strap across the instep and include a round toe and heel. This shoe has morphed into platform styles, chunky heels, backless mules, pointed toes and more. For your fashionable little diva, you have a plethora of styles to choose from.

Your first concern should be your girl’s comfort. Be sure to have her try on your shoes of choice on both feet with socks or stockings similar to the ones she will be wearing with the shoes. Have her walk around in her shoes for a while to determine if they are comfortable enough for her.

If you have a young child, then stick to a flat girls Mary Jane shoe. In this footwear, she’ll not only look adorable, but also look her age. Many girls favor these fairy-like shoes because they associate them with their favorite princesses Snow White and Cinderella. The youthful spirit associated with these shoes make them … Read the rest

Dress Younger Sensibly

Less Cleavage

As we age, the skin on our chests is a dead giveaway of our age. So hide that cleavage! If you want to wear skimpy clothes in a bid to look younger and more adventurous, then choose clothes without any plunging necklines, or even deep v-necks.

Instead, go for plunging backs, one-shoulders, off-shoulders, and so on.. you get the gist, right?

Brighter Colors

No, you don’t have to go technicolor, or fluorescent to look younger. You just go in for a simple color analysis, and choose the bright colors from your own color season to look fabulous. Your color season will have the colors unique to suit your natural colorings – skin, eye and hair, and will help you camouflage the signs of aging on your skin like fine lines, dark spots, etc.

Use the color season to choose bright make up colors also.

Softer Fabrics

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History Of Denim Jeans

The adventure begins with the blue in blue jeans. Indigo dye was a plant derivative before a synthetic was invented by a German chemist the late 1800’s. One of the earliest dyes with references going back many centuries BC, the primary source had been India. Import was expensive and dangerous as a long land journey so Indigo was a luxury item referred to as blue gold. This and other rare commodities inspired the search for less expensive and time-consuming trade routes by sea with the great sea explorations of the 15th century. Vasco da Gama is credited with discovering the sea trade route to India which made indigo suddenly readily available and inexpensive throughout Europe.

Now the adventure switches to cotton cloth which in the 1700’s became very popular due to its easy availability and cheap price as a direct consequence of the rise of cotton plantations and slave labor. Cotton cloth also turned out to have a unique quality … Read the rest

Vintage Shoe Styles

They are well aware that wearing vintage footwear can make the difference and can often transform an outfit from drab to fab!

Though there are many kinds of vintage shoes, there are a few styles which remain popular year after year. These styles are considered to be timeless and for those who collect them, these shoes have as much style and value today as on the day they were made.

Here is our list of the top vintage shoe styles:

Pumps and heels: All women feel better wearing a fabulous pair of pumps. Of course, this is not a new development. Women have been enjoying this classic style for centuries and have recently begun to cherish and collect the designs and styles of the past. Vintage heels will often have unique, colourful linings and will also consist of other quaint little touches such as bejewel buckles, coloured soles and even delicate heel details.

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Ladies Barbour Jackets

The Polarquilt has a high fleece lined collar, home to an adjustable buckle that looks stylish when open and easy to fasten for the cold winter months. The feature that stands out the most on this particular jacket is the waist belt with adjustable buckle, this is a great feature and although the jacket already consists of a fitted design the belt is still a nice feature. Although the waist belt looks great and enhances the look of the jacket it also provides a practical solution, allowing you to wrap up and block out that cold chill.

Made from 100% polyamide and 100% polyester fleece means the international Polarquilt is the perfect winter warmer – It will keep the cold out, the heat in and provide an elegant and fitted look at the same time. As this jacket is part of the heritage collection it is designed to fit you perfectly and provide a more tailored look.

The Barbour International … Read the rest

Argyle Sweater

An argyle sweater vest is something that has been popular with men since ages. It is the unique knitted design of diamond shapes in various colours and patterns that render it unique and different from other sweaters. These ‘argyle’ designs are not very easy to create and do require plenty of knitting expertise to churn them out with amazing consistency and variety. The technique itself is called ‘intarsia’ and has been in practice since the 1500s. Earlier, these designs were primarily created on socks as well as on vests. But it was only a matter of time before a wider canvas in the form of sweaters beckoned and the creators were quick to recognise the huge potential this unique design had in store for them. Since then, argyle sweaters have been associated with comfort and plain old world charm and they continue to remain popular with most men.

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Coach Flip Flops

With Coach flip flops you will find that they allow your feet to breath and be comfortable while wearing them. No matter if it has a heel or flat, you are sure to love the relaxation your feet feel once you do take the shoes off.

Coach flip flops come in an array of styles for women and men and have sizes for small, medium to wide-width feet. You will not be left out of getting a Coach flip flop because of the width or size of your feet. Coach flip flops can be worn by just about anyone.

You will see more women and men wearing Coach shoes than any other designer shoe. You can wear these shoes all day long. For men, your flip flops can be worn casual with a favorite pair of jeans or dressed up with a nice pair of slacks. If you live in warm weather climates like Miami, you will see that the … Read the rest