Platform Shoes

The standard platform shoe has a higher heel at the rear, with a support base that is also lifted in the front. Because of this, they are easy to balance on. You have a higher heel possible without the acute angle of a spike heel. The platforms are sometimes glass, but are also available in finishes like wood and leather to name just a few. You can be very trendy with platform heels, and it’s a super-chic look.

Platforms are regularly featured on the catwalk at fashion shows, but are now commonly found in everyday life as well. Most college women have at least one pair, and they are popular with professional women as well. To be in style, platforms are almost a requirement.

You may be surprised at the history of this type of footwear. Platforms first became popular in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. They were worn by both men and women. Platforms aren’t just women’s footwear – they make anyone look taller.

Men also sometimes wear platforms. You can get platform shoes that are formal, or ones that are casual. There are very subtle platforms or higher ones also – both sole and heel heights vary. You can even find ones that are brightly colored or embellished.

There are now all kinds of platform shoes. Whereas they used to be mainly work with Western outfits, their popularity has spread across all styles and nations. Teens from all over the world love platforms with their trendy look. You can find platform slippers, thongs, shoes, boots and so on.

Platforms are undeniably trendy. You will be super stylish in your platform shoes and they complement just about any outfit. However, you need to be careful when you wear them, just like you would with any other high heel. Don’t wear them every single day. Overwearing platforms can cause neck and back ache, or pain in the feet and legs.