Shirts and Ties

Wearing a tie to work is a requirement at many workplaces for male employees. In other cases, men wear ties simply because they like to look sharp when they head to school, out to eat, or to work. Like any other fashion item, there are some do’s and dont’s to wearing ties, and you can’t look good wearing any old tie. Not every tie looks good with every shirt, and pairing the right items together can take basic pieces to a whole stylish new level. You probably know the basics- striped ties don’t look good with plaid shirts, for example- but there are a few other tricks that you need to know if you want to look your best.

While solid ties seem like the easy choice, striped ties are actually the most versatile pieces you can own. Start by picking out a few striped ties in strong, dark colors. If possible, pick up striped ties in classic combinations like blue with red, white, or yellow stripes or dark colors like navy with lighter stripes. Striped ties that feature wide stripes or a single contrast color stripe are the most popular, and this look is always in style. Keep in mind that when you are buying ties, you should remember the basics of proportion. If you are heavyset or very tall, ties that are wider with wide stripes will look best on you, while skinny or narrow ties are a better fit for men who are shorter or very thin.

Next, you need to consider which types and colors of shirts will look best on you. There is no such thing as owning too many well-tailored dress shirts, so feel free to pick up shirts in every color. If you can only afford a few shirts to start with, you will need a white shirt, a gray shirt, and a shirt in your favorite pastel shade. These basics, when combined with striped ties, will allow you to look pulled together in any situation.