Silk Ties

The first thing to consider is which colors of ties you should purchase based on the shirts in your closet. There are no rules about which color tie should be worn with which color shirt, but you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that you look your best. If you work in a very conservative industry such as banking or politics, you may want to consider a monochromatic look. Your tie should never be identical in color to the shirt you are wearing, but should instead be close in color, such as a navy tie with a light blue shirt. This look is very sophisticated, and is appropriate for nearly any occasion. You can still show off your personality by adding an accessory such as a tie bar or tie tack that adds an element of style, but you should tailor it to the look of your suit.

If you want to wear something a bit more colorful and interesting, patterned ties are your best bet. If you are wearing silk ties with shirts and suits to the office, you need to be sure to keep it tasteful. Look for patterned silk ties in traditional styles like paisley, stripes, plaids, or even polka-dots. You will want too coordinate the color of your tie with your shirt, although it doesn’t need to match exactly. If you choose a patterned tie, remember that it will stand out, and so you should be sure to rotate your choice in ties regularly to avoid looking like you are wearing the same thing every day.

For those who want to really express themselves in fun situations like dates, family events, or other social occasions, silk ties give you the chance to show off your individuality. You can find silk ties in any pattern you can imagine. There are a number of celebrities who design their own line of ties, so you can find something striking that expresses something important about you. You can also find ties that have fun themes like sports teams on them, although you should look for a pattern that isn’t overly cute since novelty patterns tend to look bad on adults.

Once you have chosen a few silk ties, you will be ready to go anywhere. A silk tie always looks more sophisticated than a tie made of another material. Silk ties are elegant and stylish, and you will look pulled together and professional even when wearing more casual clothing.