Skinny Ties

While slim ties are easy to wear, there are a few things to consider before you tie one on. Initially, narrow ties look best when worn without visible accessories like tie clips, tie chains, or even tie tacks. These accessories are generally designed for wider ties, and the look can overwhelm your slim ties. Next, remember that wearing a skinny tie efficiently has a lot to do with proportion. Like standard and wide width ties, you ought to pick one that is similar to your body size. Men who are slim and trim, look great in thin ties, but wide ties can make them look like teenagers making an attempt to wear their father’s clothes. Guys who are a little heavy can nonetheless wear slim ties, but they should err on the side of a slightly broader version that is in keeping with their size to avoid emphasizing their weight. You don’t want to look like a coffee bean…. Round with a slit down the middle.

When it comes to patterns, colors, and patterns, the choices for slim ties are nearly endless. since the look has enjoyed increased popularity, many designers have begun offering highly fashionable looks in slim ties. because a skinny tie uses less fabric than it’s bulkier cousins, feel free to express yourself with trendy colors or unusual fabrics that make a statement. When it comes to thinner ties, remember that the pattern on the tie ought to be similar in size to the tie itself- a small pattern looks better on a thin tie than a broader pattern does, so look for thin “pencil” stripes or other smaller scale patterns. A narrow tie is the perfect place to express your feeling of model and have a little bit of fun with fashion. You can also pair a skinny tie with a patterned shirt or a fun accent like a sweater, vest, or cardigan to create a more pulled collectively look.