Sweater Dress

Cowl necks are for sober candidates and plunges are for daring ones. That doesn’t mean you cannot draw a line. You can go for crew cuts, special knitting around the upper part, or even deal with a slit sweater. If it is reasonably long, its stands as a staple diet, and makes an impression with leggings, as long as you get your pumps right.

You can also go for flats if you are tall, but they go best with jeans and corduroy, not leggings. You can also check the chill breeze with an additional cardigan, but make sure you get the colors right (or wrong!)

A suave blue sweater dress stressing your hourglass figure is a knockout when it is teamed with a thin white belt and matching clutches. You can also go for chandelier earrings, smart rings and a brown-black clutch. It will go with any pants of your choice (preferably tights) and ballet pumps or stilettos for footwear.

You can go for a voluminous sweater dress, if you can carry it off. A plain brooch in the middle and nothing visible downstairs is wow. However, don’t just go playing with huge sleeves: That is the point!

It should not exceed your upper thighs by all means, and should look to be covering your shorts or just brace that knee length leggings. Elan Clothing is never short of radiant ideas on this matter. Adventurous ones even go for polka dots or animal prints over their sweater dress and carry it with effect even in offices.

Playing with your neckline is a side hobby for many with these Elan sweaters. A mercurial way out is to have a generous neckline showing quite a bit and ending just at the thigh. You can be brave enough to leave your leg exposed till the knee where your knee length boots come up. This is stylish if you choose your sweater dress in fine prints and bobbles.