V-Neck Sweaters

For men’s official gathering, a printed V-neck sweater goes well enough with a peekaboo belt, grey pants and black shoes. You can even have a bow tie and a fashionable watch shining on your arm. For women, it gets a bit cheesy and it depends on the depth of the V, whether to accentuate the neckline or not. It never harms to keep a few causal buttons open, just for the rush.

With these Elan International sweaters, color palette combination becomes urgent. You cannot just have it entirely in blue, black or white. Mix-and-match does wonders, especially with girls. When in doubt, you never go wrong with black and white or blue and grey.

If you are bent on casual tops, make sure the V-neck sweater is half sleeved, and your arm toned enough to hold that bracelet. Jewelry is an urgent trait and you can experiment with a ring or a nose-stud. Casual wear in case of guys however is better off with full sleeves, and just that tee collar jutting out.

If you have a muscular body, you can go with a vest over-ridden by a tight fitting by a V-neck sweater. It will go well with jeans; especially in brilliant combo; like blue and black or blue and white. For those willing to be brave, red is a signal flare with black, mainly if there is no print on the Elan Clothing sweater. You can also have your printed shirtsleeves tucked-in and layered with plain Elan sweaters. The tie finishes the effect with a dash over grey corduroys or pants. Again, the belt shouldn’t be superimposing but reed-thin.

There is obviously more chances on offer for girls who relish casual clothing. Adventurous girls can team a large V-neck sweater over a short skirt ending just at the finishing edge. This gives the impression that she is not wearing anything underneath. Of course, that would look odd without knee-high boots, and a fashionable clutch. It is a rattle at evening functions.

They can also look classy with plain white sweaters over a ravishing black shirt and trousers. Letting your hair down with a smart fedora cap with such women clothing does create a stir!